Pissed Off

Yes! I am pissed off on one client that Ive got recently becuase she did promised me that she’ll pay me then after 15 days right after I implemented her post with link on each blog that I had. My goodness, its already 2 months then but yet, I don’t receive any payment coming from her. Do I scammed? or what? I hope I’m not becuase my other friend blogger confirmed to me that she did got her payment on the same client, maybe I need to wait more time. LOL anyways, if this month will end and no one pays me for the blog posts that I made. Well, I’ll better to contact her main client about this issue and let her fired by the PR team on the company becuase she isn’t that professional to deal with on webmaster like me.

Okay then, that’s it for now and will update you about this issue soon. Thanks a lot!

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