Wow,Google Adsense has a new Interface

I’m not often use my adsense ads to this blog and even on my other blogs but i do use it on my one blog instead because im still experimenting the program though, but i think the adsense not suited on what im doing here because my readers wants a clean blog i believed(even me) and keep this blog load too past then. because there was another studies by the other professional bloggers that adsense ads was indeed make a site load quite slow on the certain blog.. but personally  i cannot proven on that yet, just want to make sure though, thats why i dont put any ads here because i dont wanna take any risk on this personal blog of mine, i hope Google will understand me..LOL

Yeah even though i dont often use the ads here but still yet i do open my adsense account for the update on my earning to my one blog who has it, and one thing that ive been noticed with as i checked my account a while ago which the new interface of the adsense, i think google makes a great job on this because its indeed easier for me to navigate and check my earnings though because the pages was great located on the sidebar, and i think adsense new interface is quite has resemblance on the adword, what do you think?

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