Clarification about Justin Bieber’s Pedophile Fraud News

I know you’ve been noticed that i often write about the News that Justin Bieber is pedophile that the Onion News Network broadcast passed few days ago and i just want to everybody know that the news is Satire that i forgot to tell you on my last entry? (not sure but i think i told you that the news is fraud..LOL) so what is the meaning of satire? Satire means on the online dictionary that i looked out was a FAKE news or Mock News meaning those hard fans out there will breath smoothly again and nothing to worry about now because yeah Justin bieber is still 16 years old and you still have a change to love him as you a fan..hahaah

So if you seen something controversial again that onion news network broadcast with, just  don’t believe on it again because the said news was  totally fake and we can help them doing it because i think that was their job, beside people who made them  mock news gets more publicity anyways..right? i hope they’ll make me a very controversial fraud news so that this website will get a bunch od ok thats it for now and i think this is the topic that ill write about on this issue..(hopefully) thanks..:)

One thought on “Clarification about Justin Bieber’s Pedophile Fraud News

  1. I have just learned of this satire right now. I am disgusted that some people I know take this report a little seriously.

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