Michael Jackson 1st Death Anniversary

World got shocked when we heard the headlines that the king of pop  passed away, who doesn’t know that its over a year now and again the world  are paying tribute to him on his 1st death anniversary, i know a lot of you are not yet accepted that our beloved king of pop is now on the good place called eternity but that’s life , we have to set our mind that no one that is living in this world aren’t  be permanently until last, and god has the only knowledge and power to know whats gonna  happen to us by the weeks, months passing by… anyways as i watched the news today i really got amazed for Michael Jackson being influential around the world because as i know the whole world are still mourning on what happened on the late king of pop because i was saw some ladies who still crying on the news awhile ago that is showing how much they love the late Michael Jackson who doesn’t by the way?

I know after you watch these two tribute video you’ll surely missed out Michael Jackson moon walk


Admitted i’m not a die fan but please do allow me to share what i think about him by posting this little tribute to him and sorry if you don’t find it informative and such thing..:)

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