I want a Ipod touch…lol

Apple Ipod Touch

LOL, here we go again, i am posting some of my wish list once again and i hope by this time i can be able to buy this apple ipod touch (mygoodness),lol because ive been quite untruthful lately on my passed post of wish list? what do you think? anyaways by this time ill promise to my self that ill be more stint in what i spend so that one day i can show to guys that everything that i been posted here is becoming for real, real that i fulfilled things  i want,lol

Actually i can buy this awesome ipod to the help of my parents but still i dont want them to spend because i just want  to buy it my own money that i probably earn to this blog so that i can feel the rewarding feelings right after i bought it..i really hope so,,lol thats it for now and let see after a couple of months if i materialize this wish list of mine..thanks

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