Relationship pros and cons

Coupledom is a state much sought after by singles. But have you ever sat down and thought about what makes being in a relationship or marriage great? Here are a few of the main pros and cons when it comes to being in a relationship…



Risk of divorce/separation


Few things are as messy for one’s emotional, physical and financial health as a divorce. Even when the two parties agree to separate amicably, the process is hardly ever pleasant. Even couples who never officially married have to deal with questions over property ownership, access to children, and other legal questions – not to mention, the emotional aspect of getting over a relationship that may have lasted for years. As a general rule, the shorter the relationship, the easier it is to get over it. But no matter the length of the relationship, finding out that your ex-partner is not the “one” is a hard reality to face for most people.




Legal benefits


The marriage or civil partnership of a couple is legally recognised and protected in the UK. This leads to many social privileges, such as lower taxes, legal protection for partners, pension rights, hospital visitation rights, and the right to make decisions on behalf of a partner at certain times of accident or health crisis.

Social benefits


Whether you’re married, in a civil partnership or simply together as a couple, society tends to treat couples differently from singles. In many societies, the fact that you are in a long-lasting relationship signals to most of the world that you are emotionally mature and dependable. People who are seen to be in loving, secure relationships – especially long-lasting ones – are admired and respected by friends, family and work colleagues alike, whether they met their partners at work, on eHarmony UK or through Muslim dating sites.

Financial benefits


When you’re with someone, most things are generally cheaper. From hotel rooms to restaurant dinners to mortgages, it’s hard to argue against the financial perks of being part of a twosome. Even legal obligations such as paying taxes and receiving inheritance or insurance benefits are easier when you’re in a state-recognised partnership.


Personal benefits


Study after study has shown that individuals in loving partnerships tend to be happier than freewheeling singles. When you’re in a relationship, there is generally more emotional and financial security for both parties (and the added sex is a bonus). If you plan on having a family, most people agree that being in a partnership provides a stronger foundation for children.

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