Due of the insistence of my cousin maricar that she want to be included outta here, that’s why i separated one of her photos at the top, so i hope maricar  can sleep better now,,lol but anyways i just want to share with you these random photos that i shots on Sm clark recently because i got amazed on those creature sorry i dunno what is the perfect term for those robotic machine thing,hahah kidding aside, yeah relaxing is always listed in our weekly schedule because of my sister who really want to distress on her job and have a quite shopping stuff then and of course i always to be nice with her so that she can buy whatever i want..(sipsip baga,haha) and when we got passed through on the second floor there was a commotion happening on the side that’s why we decided to check on it as well and us  we saw that there was 2 robotic thing that is standing on the corner and a lot of people are shooting it  and i pointed my cousin and sister to stand beside in one of those creature to have a some pictures so that i can blog about it like what i am doing right btw those gladiator (thanks for the right name mis love poem) are made of recycle thing like spoon and other motor and car spare part just want to emphasis..:) so that’s it for now and i hope you got amaze to on those photos like what i did..thanks

5 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. You have the same post to Sir Roy. I think it is gladiator. Anyway, your cousin maricar is addict! FYI, para syang bukol na tinubuan ng mukha.. peace! hhahahaha…

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