Charice Pempengco with her expensive Microphone

I told you , i really want some video post, lol anyways i just want to share with you guyz  about this video of Charice Pempengco that she is singing with her song titled Pyramid and i want to emphasis what kind of mic  she uses in every TV show and concert that she come through like you have seen on this video, base on the info that i got the microphone called SENNHEISER MIC studded that has SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS on it and as far as i know only Charice in the whole asia can use it by this time because the mic cost $10,000dollar and even Celine Dion have it awesome right? so the question is if you are a singer do you also consider to have that kind of  microphone too??

3 thoughts on “Charice Pempengco with her expensive Microphone

  1. if its me? yeah if i can afford it, im also a musician, a lead singer in the band, and im using a shure beta58 microphone, and as far as i know all of the singers pro or non pro here in PI they would also want to have it if they can afford it, for the musicians i can compare it like from having a gadgets, we filipinos want to have the latest and the best one. also the musicians, they would like to have the best gadgets especially when they will use it in the music industry, its really my dream having this kind of charice microphone and it will really help me sound better.. if you wer a musician you will know and understand why…

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