What About Grab Bag Task On Blogvertise?

Before i proceed i just want to clear things out that this blog(iamronel.com) is not still working in any paid post  due with some pending application that  Ive been waiting for quite awhile now but i hope this blog will be approve then after i got my page rank as Google update hopefully this end of the month..

Ok Im still fortunate to my blogging life though most of my blogs are still building there standing on the search engine right now but still my other 2 blogs was doing great on the paid post company which the blogsvertise, actually im just a month on the said site but still i got a set of opportunities to those secret blogs of mine who has a page rank of 3 and the other one has pr of 2 , for the record i got 7 opps to them with good amount though and i think i use to love the site beside of payu2blog that i was pending for their approval by this time hope Margie will contact me again after i got my pr though ..lol anyways because beside the normal opportunities that they will send to you (blogsvertise)via email if you got an opp though you can still login on your account and check your list of blogs to Grab the bag who has a task that other publisher(s) declined certain opp or missed to write it though,and yeah as for today Ive been grabbed 2 tasks that i wrote yesterday and a minute ago but bear in mind that you can only grab the task bag 1 task per day or else they might suspended your blog(s) and sorry because i forgot to screenshot how does grab bag task look like..^_^ so thats it and i hope you can grab a task as well like what i did..thanks