My new banner

I want to have my own link building services website, that is why I think having a banner on it is the best start to make my frustration happen,actually I’ve been bought the designated domain already, for this site to be start off with,but yet still, I needed to be considerate on my materials before I push through it,like my theme,content,services and packages and so on,maybe after 3 months more, I can really built it on what do I like to be on this dream website of mine,but let see,let see, if I made this sooner than on 3 months given.

I just thought to have this website because I think having a place where my prospect advertisers will read what’s on services that I might have from them to be consider with, like for example  on their campaigns it’s really convenient to advertisers to find out which services may i have from them as long as to me then.thats why i insistently and frustrated  to make this website possible.ill make an update if i done doing it so,:) thanks

By the way thanks to Nadine by making this beautiful banner, because i wasn’t have guts to make any banner’s like this one..LOL yeah thats the truth!