The Great Song That I’d Ever Heard


Yeah , i am a fun of the band Jonas Brother since then,because id like what are the meaning of their song is and i want also on how they played it as a pop rock, but quite sometimes i get emotional on some of their song as well because of the lyrics that will keep me inspired most of the time and one of those is APPRECIATE by the lovebug maker Nick Jonas , though this song was sang by nick him self a years ago but still i appreciated it because its always remind me, that i have to treasure all of the love and care that my family gave and giving me each day because will never know whats gonna happen tomorrow that’s why i followed one of the highlights on this song says DON’T BE AFRAID TO OPEN UP AND USE THE TIME YOU HAVE BEFORE IT FADES,SHOW YOUR LOVE TODAY, Yeah, we all know that we aren’t permanent on this world because there was a time that god can get our borrowed life to him , and as long as you can live just show your love to your family and love ones today so that you’ll never ever regrets if they’re fade on this i hope you’ll find it inspiring too..thanks

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