What is the Best CMS For you?

This topic will sink in into my mind when i did a blog hopping , of course to have a good standing on the search engine, by the way whats is the best CMS for your? because when Ive been across to those blog that i hop with , i got confused on what CMS (Content Management System) platform that they’re will be using? and some of those aren’t familiar with me because i just knew Blogspot and WordPress but i saw this livepad one who has a nice comment platform wherein spam will automatically blocked but when i asked my friend who worked as a Seo he probably recommended wordpress as the best CMS because he said that you’ll get a lot of advertiser over here? its that true? because advertiser are using plugins  that can be use only on wordpress he said, that’s why i decided to used wordpress then, so you..what is the best CMS Platform for you nor the Cms that you will be using right now is pretty good ? and how is it? did you get an advertiser(s) over your chosen CMS platform? please let me know so that i can change my CMS into your best blog platform that you’ll be using right now..thanks a lot

One thought on “What is the Best CMS For you?

  1. WP rules! haha! there are a lot of CMS available – joomla, drupal… etc. but wordpress is the most user friendly with wide support and a variety of plugins for full customization. 😉 i think monetizing is limited in other blogging platforms as well

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