New Year, New Gear


Amigaz Fleur De Lis Shield Bracelet Silver


Fad Treasures Black Pyramid Studded Leather Cuff Black

Happy New Year everyone! How’s your new’s eve? fun? oh great, mine was fun too.. Anyway, lemme share to you these pieces that Ive found online, and I think these pieces are the one that will trend on 2012 but let see on how the brands work on it. I am not still sure though, but sure thing, I will update you soon maybe on the 3rd week of January about those new release pieces that will be big on the fashion industry..

Actually,men bracelets are been trend already way back time, but since fashion is evolving..
Brands are thought and still thinking on how they can make the piece more hip and hot that most peeps are wanting to have and looking forward then, especially when it comes on designs and materials. That’s why, will be expecting these awesome pieces for this year 2012.. I cant wait to see all of the new pieces from each brand line companies… 🙂


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