Activating My Antivirus Plugin

My goodness i have to activate my antivirus plugin because as i revisited this blog a minute ago my antivirus software to my local server detected that this blog is attacking a unknown virus and im quite panicking now because why i got a freakin virus in the sense that i don’t go with on the prone virus sites..i just hoping that my visitors wont get affected on this virus as i resolve this later after i posted this entry..LOL

i just wanna thank the recent company who can gave me a free blog using wordpress as a platform because they do putted a antivirus on it that can i copied which plugin is that so that i can delete all of those unwanted virus who roaming on this blog right God i hope this will work as i activate the plugin later..

By the way you might get a free domain as well to the company that i was telling you guys by checking out my next post for further information on how you can get yours..^_^ thanks

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