Finally im on Hostgator now

This recently as you stumbled on this blog you’ve been seen a not found messages on the this blog because my blog is indeed freaking down in several days due with some issues that my main server having trouble with, anyways that good though that’s happened to my hosting rather former hosting because i found out that the hosting isn’t 100 percent up time always who might get affected on my sooner advertisers to this blog thats why i think deeply and later on decided to transfer all of my blogs to a trusted and tested hosting company that bloggers are looking forward too which the Host Gator, yeah i would say hostgator is the best hosting company nowadays because since they were started ill never heard any bad comment about them and my friend blogger who is there for 5 years now are proven and tells me that the hosting company is truly convenience and haven’t any down time at all, that is why i consider them for good, yeah ill be running all of my 20 blogs to them for long time though they’re quite expensive though but the services is extremely awesome that other hosting companies haven’t at all, so yeah as you whois this blog you may now see the hostgator name server on this blog and as you been noticed that i got this high load of blogs as you browsing my pages, right?

Ok i think i need to end this up and once again let me great you a merry happy new year to everyone and to my co-bloggers i hope you got a lot of molahh this months passing through..GOD Bless everyone..thanks

2 thoughts on “Finally im on Hostgator now

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