He used to scammed!

Yeah! please fellow webmaster beware on this guy name Jerry Henderson because he did scammed me by asking to place he’s banner ads on this blog that I actually did right after we dealt on the prices and stuff this recently. And the worse thing was, I was the one who made this banner ads for him that I cant noticed that he don’t have any website to linked on it which definitely a sign or intention to scam,right? Yes! all I can blame now is my self alone. Because I don’t  screened this guy out and what company he had, for me to consider his on this blog. Anyways, I just learned on this mistake and now I’ll be more careful on to those people who would like to advertise on this blog.

Again, as this person email you,I suggest to report his as an spam on your email provider so that you can avoid and get rid to him in any possible offers if ever so he trying to offer which a huge waste of time.

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