I think I need to Update my wordpress CMS

Yeah! I think I need to go on my hosting account and upgrade my wordpress Cms into the newest version that the wordpress released this recently. Because this lately, though Ive got this anti spam plugin on my admin dashboard but it still I can got these bunch of spam comments that are welcoming me every time I open this blog’s on. Wait, I just realized that I can either upgrade my CMS into my admin dashboard it self.LOL Alright then, I will be then upgrade it right after this post up because I heard that the new version had this securities into those spammy and unwanted comments along our blogging activities, and not just that because there was another plugin added on it that has named of jetback if I am not mistaken and I heard also that the plugin is well awesome to activate and use on your blog. Well, let see if the new plugin will works smoothly on this blog.

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Okay, that’s it for now and I will make you updated on what happened right after I upgrade my blog. Thanks folks!


One thought on “I think I need to Update my wordpress CMS

  1. I suggest you that do not forget to take a database backup, I was also updating my plugins, after upgradation of wp new version, but the wp crashed whole data, thankfully the hosting providers sorted that out, on another hand I had the db backup.

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