Update on My Eon Card(Union Bank)Requirements Post.

Been published before some posts regarding on how you may get your own eon card, though if you could remember, Because being a blogger like me we use to have this card to transact our money and any matters related, So yeah, Union bank is the best bank that we may consider with for having your great card that will be linked on your paypal account,Why? because union bank has this card called eon card which  indeed affiliated on the paypal company it self and the good thing was on this card is, The card has its own logo, i mean a visa logo where you can use anywhere and everywhere you are, wow thats sounded awesome hasn’t it?

Anyways, what are the requirements that you’ll be needed to attend with or to have with first  before you may can apply on the nearest branch on your place? ok, when i  applied my self then for my card, i brings these 2 valid id’s  belongs on my sss number and TIN as well because i heard that some branches are quite restricted on the requirements given but when i heads up on the union branch here at my place they dont evenly ask any requirements beside of my 2 valid id’s , I think some branches has some issues regarding on the card? not sure though but thanks because my bank isn’t that hard to please off with..LOL

And if you dont have any valid id’s with you, at least you can bring some alternative one like what you’ll be seeing on the requirements page via union bank site it self, no worries here’s the link though http://www.unionbankph.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=915&Itemid=250 , Alright thats it for now and by the way i got my card already and ill blog it by tomorrow as i got some snap on it..thanks!

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