Will compile my advertisers list

These days Ive got a good amount of advertisers that has been closed deals to this blog as long to my other blogs. Ive got text link ads advertisement, banner placement, guess posts offers and even an images offer which a new heard for me, because the client has this images to linking to my previous blog post and such that thing. I am so lucky, yah! I was, because I’d never know where these advertisers are came from because they just used to email me so often that can make me feel special in away that they had been considered my blogs for their promotional thingy. And now, Ive got this lil problem. Because I don’t listed out those advertisers emails and the dates and the form of advertisement that they did made into each blog that Ive got, and I doesn’t know either when they’ll renew it rather the exact dates when the ads will be get expired.

That’s why I decided to compile on my advertisers list on my Google document that I can put online. Because on this way I may know when was the ads will be expired and I can either update my advertisers on their ads and so. So yeah! that’s it and you may do the same thing as mine, because we blogger(s) we really needed to listed down all the transactions made every now and then not just for the renewal thingy but also on the references matter.

Okay that’s it for now and will update something more informative then this, meanwhile bear with me on this post. LOL Thanks!

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