Finding Inspiration For The Bedrooms In Your Home

Looking for inspiration for the bedrooms in your house? Stop scratching your head and expecting amazing ideas to appear by magic. Go looking for inspiration instead! This guide tells you where to find it for the three categories of bedrooms you might have; adults, kids and guest.

For the adults bedrooms

“Better to see something once that hear about it a thousand times,” goes the saying. This is true for many things, and it’s true for finding home inspiration. So, pack your backs and go and see new ideas in person. Travelling abroad will open you up to a whole new world of design and interior possibilities. Stay in a Scandinavian hotel to see how they do pared-back chic, clean lines and muted colours. Or go to Morocco and Tunisia, where key colours like red, orange and brown create a rustic, warm tone. While you’re in these places you can even pick up items to take home with you, like rugs and lanterns. See some stunning Moroccan bedroom designs via this link.


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For the kids bedroom

When it comes to children’s bedrooms, the internet is the place to go! There are so many creative parents and designers all around the world. Via the web you can see all of the ideas together in one place. Pinterest is great for collecting together different ideas. You can make boards that you ‘pin’ different images on. If you’re resigning your kid’s room, do this with a number of viable options. That way, when they look at your board and choose their favourite, you already know you can follow through with it! Interior design magazines and blogs are other great places to look. And how about when it comes to picking the furniture? Bunk beds are an ideal option for kids room. Take a look at these cute bunk beds for girls from Cuckooland, for example.They’re more fun than standard beds, and save on floor space too.

For the guest bedroom

When it comes to finding inspiration for your guest rooms, look to how Bed and Breakfasts do it. Firstly, consider the fact that as a number of different people will be staying in the room, it will need to have versatility. Some of us like to be cool at night; for those people, have a bottom sheet on the bed. However, some of us like to get warm and cosy. For those people, keep an extra blanket at the bottom of the bed, or in the wardrobe. You could add a reading nook or table so they can spend more time in there. Then think about items that your guests might not have with them, or have forgotten. Guesthouses often make up little baskets with these items inside. You could do the same. Add towels, spare toothbrushes and cotton pads. If you let guests or lodgers use the room regularly, it might be useful to write and print a little guide. Put things like the WIFI password and how to open windows with complicated locks. This will save them from having to come and find you to ask after lights-out.

Fresh design ideas for a cluttered bedroom


A cluttered bedroom can really get to interfere with your life after a while. Bedrooms are where we head at the end of the day for relaxation and rest. But if you are regularly staring at stacks of un-shelved books, dirty laundry and piles of miscellaneous ‘stuff’ with no place to go – that’s a bedroom where chaos, not calm, rules. How are you going to get some rest surrounded by all that?

Here’s what you’ve got to do to overturn this sad tale of events. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult, all it takes is a little focus, time and energy. You don’t have to become a decorating guru or interior design expert, just sign up to the bedroom un-clutter program.

Get sorted

You love your clothes and you have some great menswear, but have you got space for it all? Start a de-cluttering session by assessing your wardrobe and junking anything you haven’t worn in a year. This will create space so you are able to re-arrange and tidily organize clothes you want to keep. Arrange shirts, trousers, suits etc. by color for easy location. Go to the store and buy up some attractive, stackable storage boxes for shoes, boots and other bulky items. Label the boxes and stack neatly at the bottom or top of the wardrobe.

Find extra space

Look at the bones of the bedroom. Are there alcoves or corners where shelves, hanging rails or cupboards could be fitted? Exploit all the space in the room, not forgetting overhead areas – suspended storage or high shelves tracking around the room above door-height offers space for precious but infrequently used items such as books and souvenirs from your travels.

Light touch

Natural light is great for energizing you in the mornings, but it needs to be controllable so it doesn’t interfere with sleep patterns. Keeping things restrained and pared back with minimalist stylish shutters at the windows, combines great looks with a practical solution to light control. A lick of paint in a pale shade freshens up a bedroom beautifully and when you match the shutter shade to the walls, you get instant simplicity and elegance – the perfect backdrop for clutter-free space.

Bed behavior

Invest in a bed with internal storage. Either an Ottoman style divan that swallows up tons beneath the mattress, or a bed with sliding drawers – either design will help cancel out clutter. Think about it, your bed is the biggest thing in the room; make it pay for the space it takes.

Hat hint

Do you have lots of homeless hats? Make a feature out of your handsome headgear by displaying them proudly on the wall or lining them up on a shelf. You will find that you wear them more often when they are constantly on view. And remember, the well-hatted man is one of the hottest looks this season.

Push the calm and serenity levels to new highs in your clutter-free, super-organized bedroom. Sleep comes easily in a room that is ordered, harmonious and streamlined – so follow these simple easy steps and look forward to some restorative and well-earned rest…

Get Cashback at ShopBack!

The popularity of online shopping and the emergence of multitudes of online stores as a result, has made fashionable clothes and accessories more accessible not just to women but to men as well. Gone are the days when some men would wear a simple shirt and jeans and don’t have a care in the world what they look like. Being a stylish metrosexual is the norm now. It’s not really important if your clothes are expensive or not, as long as you carry them well and they get you second glances. Although there’re still a lot of men who doesn’t like to shop, more and more are getting the hang of it, thanks to online shopping and the convenience it brings.

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You’ll be happy to know that there’re actually sites wherein you can get back the money you spent online. ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts on categories like fashion, lifestyle, electronics, travel, home and living etc. They give you cashback on top of existing voucher codes and discounts when you shop online through their site at any of their more than 300 merchant stores.

They reward shoppers with up to 30% cashback. Plus, your cashback is unlimited which means that the more you spend, the more you’ll earn your money back. Cashing out is not a problem since the money can be transferred to most banks like BDO, BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, UCPB, as well as Paypal and Globe GCash.

Using ShopBack is a piece of cake. Click the store you want to shop in and you’ll be redirected to the store you picked. Once you’re there, shop as usual and make your purchase on the merchant’s site. You’ll receive your cashback in your ShopBack account within 48 hours. If you want to shop some more, simply repeat the whole process.

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In ShopBack, there’re many categories to choose from. Click the category you want and you’ll see all the coupons from the different merchants. You’ll likewise see the cashback percentage you’ll receive which differs from store to store. Among the popular merchants you can get cashback from are Lazada, Zalora, ASOS, Topman, Shopbop, Nine West, Forever 21, Groupon, Banana Republic, and ebay.

I’ve recently tried Shopback out and can’t wait to show you what I’ve bought from there! The post will be up soon the moment I receive my items.

Saturdays NYC 2015 Holiday Lookbook

 photo saturdays-nyc-2015-holiday-lookbook-1_zpsv6synhku.jpg

Don’t know on how to rock some men trendy pieces? don’t worry then. Because there were these brand’s lookbook that we can probably do for us to be looking trendy for today’s fashion, especially for men. Recently, the NY brand label called Saturdays NYC unveil their newest collection through their lookbook and I must say, these styling are superb. You can wear them off everywhere and anytime in a day hence It’s appropriate for a man like me to have some pieces from this brand particularly on this newest collection they’ve got.

 photo saturdays-nyc-2015-holiday-lookbook-6_zpsuht6aajq.jpg

I think, their each pieces were versatile enough to be wear off either in casual and formal events just know then on how to mix and matches clothes for you to achieve the look you’d trying to pull off. Also, be considerate on the shoes you’ll be wearing because shoes are really important, for men’s fashion, as you trying to rock on a certain styling. You can search Google about it on how these fashionable men finished off their total outfit on their own killer shoes.

 photo saturdays-nyc-2015-holiday-lookbook-14_zpsce65jgz5.jpg

Actually, the brand Saturdays NYC is new to my ear because I am more into contemporary and kind of street wear brands like Stussy and more but I think this brand is really awesome in a way they’d got all the pieces done for any kind of occasions hence we should take a time to check their pieces over their main website or shop for your consideration. I am actually planning to buy off this outfit, the photo on top – the one wears the jagger pants) because it does really speaks to my style.

Appropriate Straight handrail for a balustrade

 photo orig_IMG_4931_zpsb597c2e8.jpg

Every structures needs to have an balustrade. Because this was ones supporting the stairs if you ever have one for your home. Actually considering the appropriate straight handrail for it is a must. Because this was actually the supporter for your kids as they past through to it. It could be made of metal or wood is a must do as long it can support the stairs for long time, it doesn’t matter.  Though there was this oak stair treads where you can see at handrail for your staircase but I think you’ll have to be more considerable on your needs instead of making it looking beautiful and appealing, besides you can still have your handrail looking neat, right? so – why not to have this simple and yet may lasted for good years than to any inequality ones….

Actually, you can even buy this staircase handrail over online because there was now some reliable online shops today that can produce and work well for your quality Straight handrail base on your needs. Just to search them over Google and am pretty sure they’re a bunch there who can works fine on what you’re looking for.

Home decorating is really a matter of effort and being patience. Because there’s really a lot of things to be done before you can see the result. Hence, start to beautify your home now and see how it would turn out afterwards.



Safety Measures to Take When Shopping Online

Since online shopping has become so popular and more people are choosing it over conventional shopping, the risk of hacking and online identity theft has also increased ten fold. But there are precautionary measures to be taken to ensure that your information is safe and you do not become a victim. An infographic from shows that people should regularly change their passwords to the online shopping sites that they frequently visit so as to avoid hacking and being stolen from. Make sure that the retail website you are shopping from is legit, especially when you are shopping from your mobile phone. Furthermore, avoid strangers on your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to keep your personal information private and minimize the risk of online identity theft.

Yes! shopping online is safe. I think my personal online shopping experiences may convince to you on how safe to shop online nowadays. Kindly check this link and this one for preferences.

One perfect gift is worth a thousand words

“If you’re like me, sometimes words and emotion flow easily, even effortlessly like an old faucet that really needs adjustment. However this isn’t always the case and yes it certainly oscillates depending on who I’m pouring my sensitive heart out to. It’s easy with my mom, it’s even easier with my puppy, but we all have that special someone in which that verbal and emotional faucet seems screwed a little too tight? It can be hard to tell that person, ‘Hey, I really love you.’ However it doesn’t have to be.

Remember whenever your old English teacher mentioned, ‘show, don’t tell? ’ That’s specifically what the appropriate, well thought out gift can do. It shows your love, and honestly, that may often mean more. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than the correct gift, and finding the right one can be the hard part. These suggestions might really assist you to form those words, you’ve really never known how you can say.
 photo WATCHBUYERS-10-1_zpsea4c5ab5.jpg
1. A Rolex

A classy and beautiful watch, for example, doesn’t have to be tacky. I personally would recommend the timeless classic, the three-piece suit of watches, the Rolex. If you’re nervous about producing such a hefty investment in the watch, never fear, you can keep its components up-to-date and in perfect working order at rolex repair los angeles.

And just as with any high-class item, Rolex cares relating to your feelings and experience. Or if you have any questions, you can always contact rolex customer service and so they would be excited to help you out! Trust me, I’ve tried and been satisfied.

2. A framed memory

Another excellent option would be to discover that perfect photo that can bring you both straight back to a certain place and time. If you spend the right time at the right framing store, you can have something as simple and inexpensive as a picture turn into a coveted piece of wall art that can start conversations and turn memory lane into a smaller lane plus more of a thorough fair. Remember, the correct gift doesn’t have to hurt your wallet, it just has to move the center. Put some thought involved with it, it’s fun!
 photo WATCHBUYERS-11-1_zps0e848460.jpg
3. The right meal

My own favorite gift to give is just one that I can share and even benefit from. If you love to cook, someone is going to love to eat your cooking, i prefer to chances and cook are. That’s a different story, even though that is, unless you’re like my neighbor’s mother. Discover what that special person’s favorite dish is, and peruse the internet for the ideal recipe so it will be exactly how they likes it. Everyone knows how the perfect secret ingredient in most home cooked meals is love and if you know that, the secret to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Bon appetite and happy gifting! And don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts, as long as it comes with a gift.”

Cleaning your Shoes

 photo Cleaningshoes_large_1335123327_zpse7f3f6b1.jpg

Having clean shoes is not impossible. However, it is a fact that no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, your shoes are going getting dirty. Nonetheless, with a little work, you can have your shoes looking good no matter how often you wear them. This article will discuss how to clean your shoes using a washing machine.

Steps for Cleaning your Shoes

Remove the laces from your shoes. This will prevent damage to your shoes as well as to your washing machine.

Use different kinds of items to clean your shoes: a brush can wipe of dirt and mud, pins can remove excess mud in tiny spaces, and a cotton ball soaked with alcohol can remove accumulated dirt.

Place your shoes and shoe laces inside the washing machine.

Put some detergent inside the washing machine.

Set the temperature of the water inside the washing machine to cold in order to prevent the color of your shoes from fading.

Place your shoes inside the washer and start the cycle.

Remove your shoes from the washer and put them in indirect sunlight for 4-6 hours to dry. It is not recommended that you put your shoes in direct sunlight since this will trigger the fading of colors.

Put the laces of your shoes back on, and walah, your shoes are clean.


Do not put newspaper or any other kind of paper with ink inside your shoes to help them dry, since this can cause the inks to attach to your shoes. Instead, use some tissue or paper towels.

If the only dirty part is the plastic component of your shoes, then there’s no need to use the washing machine. You can just brush using an old toothbrush with a little baking soda.

Before washing your shoes using the washing machine, you may want to consider placing them in a pillowcase for protection.

If you do not have a washing machine, you can just use a bath tub or the sink to wash your shoes. However, you need to brush them regardless.

Precautionary Measures

Make sure to check the tags of your shoes for any special washing instructions which they might have. This is important, because different shoes require different methods of washing.

If your shoes are very expensive, then you may want to manually wash them since using a washing machine may cause damages.

Footwear such as shoes must be cared about. Cleaning your shoes is very easy and simple, but it does require work, and this naturally turns people away from doing it. The above guidelines and steps are considered as a huge help for people wanting clean shoes. Follow this advice, and you may extend the life of your shoes as well as their quality. Do not follow this advice, and you will be left with dirty, disgusting, and unappealing shoes that do not feel comfortable to wear. The choice is yours.

We are Homejoy and we do house cleaning to make happy homes for our clients. We are a startup located in San Francisco and 30 + other cities across North America and quickly expanding. We have been featured on shows such as Rachel Ray and magazines such as Forbes. We also share some cleaning knowledge with you to give you ideas on how to sustain a clean and healthy environment in your house or your office.

Unique Gift For Christmas

 photo 1422755_690797350944959_1376216546_n_zpsd4e574cd.jpg;

 photo 1482128_690797394278288_1921366541_n_zps79caeca1.jpg

If you’re tired of giving out the usual items found in malls, then it’s high time that you browse the internet for websites that manufacture one of a kind gift items. I’ve started to shop for Christmas presents for my family, friends, and godchildren but I still have a long way to go. I might get the services of Easy Canvas Prints, a website where you can turn your photographs into custom canvas prints for decorating your home or to be given away as gifts. I’m sure my loved ones will adore these unique, personalized gifts that they’ll remember forever.

You can tailor-make your canvas prints by uploading any picture and choose the size you want, picking a custom border, and selecting your depth. How the finished product will look will depend on you. Their Easy Canvas Prints design tool enables you to perform the whole process in just a short time. Also choose whether to get a standard .75 or gallery wrapped 1.5 finished sides, custom canvas wrapped sides with image wrap, mirrored wrap, or custom hex code colors.

As a part of their service, Easy Canvas Prints provide retouching, Black & White or Sepia Conversion, photo collages and multi–canvas collages. So if ever you don’t like the way your canvas prints look, their team of art professionals can always do something about it. Another great thing about these prints is that they’re resistant to smudges, scratches, fingerprints etc. and can last for a long time with proper maintenance. Also visit Allied Shirts and Build a Sign websites that also happen to customize products.

Amazing Discounts at Couponraja

 photo sale_zps7c4cf583.jpg

Times are tough and if you do not do measures to curb your spending you will wind up with no money. Nowadays, you do not have to go overboard when shopping for the things you need because there are websites where you can get big savings by using discount vouchers. Couponraja is one of them. They provide shoppers with the latest coupon and promotional codes from over 2,500 leading retailers in India, both online and on brick and mortar stores.

They have joined hands with reputable merchants to bring you Amazon, Snapdeal, Marks and Spencers, Myntra, Desi Wear, Gadgets Guru, Jessops discount codes, Shopclues coupon codes and many others. The whole process of using the available codes is uncomplicated, quick, and easy. Simply add the items you want to buy in the shopping cart and proceed to check out. Once you are in the payment page, you will be asked to enter the voucher or promotional code.

Searching for your preferred discounts is likewise easy. You can just choose the category of the item you want such as Children, Electronics, Business, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Gifts, Health and Beauty, Home and Kitchen, Men’s Fashion, Sports, Travel, Utilities, and Women’s Fashion. Another way of browsing for discount tickets is by looking through the All Stores, Top Coupons, and New Coupons tabs. For customers to not miss any deal, it is advisable for them to subscribe through email to Couponraja. This way they are sure to get amazing savings on their purchases.