Fall/Winter Trends For Men

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Fall and winter is upon us so it is time to update our wardrobe and buy all those essentials. Men are not known for constant shopping but if there is a need to shop, then they will head to stores. Many have discovered online shopping because it is easier, faster, and more convenient. The many online stores give shoppers a lot of choices and thus, make shopping more fun for guys.

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For this season, the most popular color is gray. Any shade of gray will do, from tracksuit bottoms to tailored suits. Another color that is trendy is green. The most popular coat of the season is cut from wool and has a soft shoulder that fall just off the shoulder for an oversized look. It does not matter if it is single or double breasted. Another trend is supersized pockets that is the focus of your outerwear cut from contrasting fabrics and placed on easily seen positions. A trend that is quite unusual is baggy pants that are higher waisted and looser.

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An online store where you can buy all those trendy clothes is Getthelabel.com. The company began in UK and has been around for 4 years but it has grown really fast. They started with a range of 300 product lines and now have over 4,000. The company’s heritage lays in leading sports brands. Getthelabel.com is a division of Top Grade Sportswear Limited and a subsidiary of JD Sports Fashion Plc. Their goal is to provide high street fashion from top brands at low prices. They offer a wide selection of items for men and women such as shirts, coats and jackets, trousers and jeans, polo shirts, shorts, footwear etc. from brands like Converse, Adidas, Under Armour, Ralph Lauren, Kickers, Nike, Timberland, Original Penguin and a host of others. Getthelabel.com now delivers to over 50 countries.

Where The Best Place to Shop Online?

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Mens are used to shop online too these days. Because in online, you’ll find some great and quirky pieces which can make you dope or hip for today’s fashion. Also in online, there’s a tons of great deals that we can actually consider as you already pleased to have any certain pieces you’d wished to have for. However, not all the online shops can allow to offer these full services, what I meant about it? well, we all know that online shops are needs to be competitive and yet their items were selling wouldn’t be compromise. Hence, they needed to produce some designer’s items, if they were into fashion, but needs to have it for reasonable prices with additional perks and free services added, like free shipping and free returns for the convenient of the consumers like what this shop called East Dane did. Why did I know? well, I’ve already bought some items from them and I must say, they does shipped the items I’ve bought in over 3 business days in total and each items were all the same on what does they put in to their site. They indeed an great seller!

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I got myself this white G-shock, though they’ve got some other watches selling over from the other brands such as: Miansai, Marc Jacobs watches,Tsovet either Daniel Wellington and yet G-shock has a great appeal on me so I’ve prefers it more than anything, Plus, this kind of watch are indeed versatile where you could pair it off in any styling you’d wanted whether for sporty type of styling neither in some casual outfits, this watch goes well in any, I must say..

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Also, I am pleased to have an basic tees from EastDane.com. Because shirt basics are find when it’s summer season. Go check their site today and buy something that will fits in to your taste. And no worries girls. Because they does have this other site called ShopBop were all the women’s finds were listed.

Men’s Fashion Trends

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At this day and age women are not the only ones who are fashionable, men are as well. You will see stylish men everywhere wearing the latest trends in clothes, shoes, and accessories. Some may be wearing simple jeans and shirts but they carry them in such a way that it becomes modern and chic. Your apparel, footwear etc. does not have to be expensive. Sometimes it is all about the attitude. Be confident and you will surely look great. If you want to buy trendy clothes and other stuff without breaking the bank, get discount coupons at http://zoutons.com.

Men’s spring fashion is a mix of athletic and preppy clothes with many printed pants, jackets, and suits. Floral printed shirts are very much in. They are a modern version of a Hawaiian shirt. Printed pants are likewise in fashion but make sure that your pants are well-tailored and keep it minimal. Another hot trend are bomber jackets. It does not matter whether they are athletic, leather, wool etc. You will also look great if you wear color-blocked shirts in vertical and horizontal patterns paired with pants or shorts.

Another trend in men’s fashion is patterned or printed jackets in floral, plaid, and camouflage. You can pair them with solid-colored pants or shorts. Men can also wear well-fitted high-rise or rolled pants but keep in mind that this style looks better with casual pants than with a suit. Shop for all of these clothes by using coupons. Not only will you save money and be less wasteful, you will also be able to buy more items.

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Nowadays, there are many sites that you can visit to get bargains, discount codes, coupons, and sale offers. One such site is zoutons.com. Shoppers can choose from categories like accessories, apparels, appliances, baby products, books, clothing, computers, cosmetics, electronics, footwear, fragrances, jewelry, lingerie, personal care, shoes, skin care, software, toys, video games, watches and many more from top brands like Adidas, Lacoste, Benetton, Samsung, Puma, Reebok, Giordano, Levi’s, Maybelline, Diesel, DKNY, Converse, Chicco, Electrolux etc. Buyers can likewise choose coupon codes from top stores such as Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal among others. With your Myntra coupons you can purchase the trendiest apparels and accessories.

Using a coupon is really easy. Simply choose the promo code from the database. Click on “Get the Code” or “Activate Code” link. A small pop up page will tell you that the code has been copied which can then be pasted at the coupon redeeming slot while making payment for products on online stores.

Shopping For the Right Running Shoes

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Shopping for the perfect running shoes is not as easy as some people think. When you are in a shoe store, most of them feel comfortable when you put them on. But you will only realize how good the shoes are when you have already tested them while jogging. The shoe’s brand does not really matter that much. The right shoe has more to do with your running style and the shape of your foot. Choose whether you will purchase trail or road running shoes. It is essential to know your shoe size and remember that they usually differ by brand and model. You also have to be aware of your arch shape because this has an effect on the way your foot moves as you run.

If you prefer running shoes that have sufficient cushioning, look for good heel control and overall shock absorption for the foot because they may help stop stress fractures, heel pain, shin splints etc. Aside from cushioning shoes, other types of running shoes are motion control shoes which have stiffer heels, and stability shoes which are great for neutral runners. There is also what is called minimalist running shoes which have almost no cushioning, little to no arch support, and minimum heel height of 4 to 8 mm.

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For the best running shoes and all kinds of footwear for men, women and kids, shop at JD Sports (http://www.jdsports.co.uk) online store. They likewise have a wide selection of apparel like shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts, track pants etc. and accessories like bags, gloves and scarves, caps, socks, and underwear just to name a few. Customers can shop by category and/or brand. Among the popular brands they have are Nike, Adidas Essentials, Adidas Originals, Fred Perry, Lacoste, Converse, Diadora, Fila, Reebok, and Timberland.

Another nice brand which JD Sports has is men’s Asics which has been manufacturing the best running athletic shoes for many years. Their exclusive Asics Zaraca men’s running shoes is fashionable, colorful, and youthful and comes at an affordable price of only £70.00. It has a flexible midsole for a more natural run, and a full length guidance line for a more efficient run. The best thing about the Asics Zaraca is that it is not purely a running shoe but something that can be worn on casual occasions such as a trip to the mall, cozy restaurant dining, movie watching etc. You will definitely stand out from the rest of the guys if you wear it with your favorite casual shirt, jeans, and shorts.

Youtube : http://youtube.com/JDsportsOfficial
Instragram : @JDsportsOfficial
Facebook : http://facebook.com/JDsportsOfficial
Twitter : http://twitter.com/jdsportsfashion

Saucony Shadow 5000 Grey

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I am more into a shoes than to the apparel, and I think most guys too. Because shoes can brings dopeness for us guys whenever the total outfit looks like as long the shoe is hip everything will goes right for sure. It’s like girls needs to wear heels to gain confident and it is just same for us men which having a nicely pair of kicks is the one we must have as we wanted ourselves to be as hip as others. That is why when the time I saw this Saucony Shadow 5000 Grey from the one fashion magazine that I’d often lurking, I’m just amazed with it which leads me now on blogging it up here as well.

Actually, I dont have any details yet in hand (since the brand itself hasn’t reached me out for their press released, where the full details contains) I haven’t include any further details yet as for now but I’ve heard that the shoe on top has a market price of  $90 in any brand’s ,Saucony, mortar stores as well in some others online affiliated stores available. Just check google where is the best place for you to have this great Saucony Shadow 5000 Grey. 🙂

Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking me here for more fashion news and updates. And will try my best now to maintain the site for me to have not tagged as penalized through Google search. ehehe Yah my bad.. But fortunately I have worked to it now and Google will reconsider my site then most probably it’ll get back my PR for sure these coming days, but I dont know when. hehheehe

Quality Shoes Over the Years at Meeks Shoes


If there are people who collect bags, there are also those who collect shoes. I happen to have my own mini collection of shoes and it is continuously growing. I bought them throughout the years in department stores and in online shops. Nowadays, I prefer online shopping because there are so many shops selling different styles that you do not get to see in malls and with price tags that are so much more affordable. I have shopped at both domestic and international online shops and so far I have not encountered any problems. I always browse the internet to look for new stores to shop in.

Meeks Shoes is an online store which sells any kind of footwear for men, women, and kids. They specialise in comfort shoes and wider fitting shoes from different popular brands like Marco Tozzi, FitFlops, Ecco UK, Clarks Shoes, Hotter, Rieker, Timberland, Gabor, Sketchers, and Naturalizer. The business was founded over 100 years ago and has since grown and now has shops in Ashton, Oldham, Sale and Stockport. Customers can either shop by brand or type (Ladies and Men’s Footwear, Kids Shoes and Sandals). A wide selection of boots, casual shoes, sandals, slippers, smart shoes, and sports shoes are available.

Meeks Shoes ships items for free on all domestic (UK) orders. No minimum order is required so even if you only shop for one shoe, the shipping is still free. They also deliver worldwide at very reasonable shipping rates. Purchases are expected to arrive at your doorstep within 4 to 5 business days. They also have a 365 day return policy provided that the item is in its original packaging and is in the same condition when it was received. Shoppers can pay via major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Delta, Visa Electron, American Express and through Paypal. They can also make payments over the phone.

Best Accessories For Men This 2014

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Who says only women can get to wear all the hottest accessories in the market? Gone are the days when men would only wear a simple shirt, jeans, and rubber shoes without any accessories on whatsoever. Not even a watch. Nowadays, you would see men both young and old wearing trendy and chic accessories that go very well with the clothes they are wearing, just about anywhere. Personally, there are times when I do accessorize and other times when I do not. It actually depends on what kind of mood I am in. But one thing is for sure. I never go overboard.

 photo Fashionable-mens-shoes-of-the-last-summer-5_zpsbf60ad34.jpg

Just like me, a lot of men are big on shoes. What is in fashion now are those with bulky, rounded toe and worn finish, the result of Italian shoemakers distressing the leather by hand. It is perfect for wearing with jeans or khakis. Boots are likewise in fashion. Leather-soled, military style ones are ideal. They are like dress shoes but more durable. Hunting boots are also cool. Online Shops has some of the most stylish footwear available online. This season, men should wear dress socks that go well with the suit they are wearing. There are even boldly patterned or colored dress socks that can be paired with just about anything.

 photo Teen-Choice-Awards-2012-Mens-Fashion-900-600_zpsa9c81ae6.jpg
Big ’70s-style, aviator sunglasses in blue/green lenses are very much in fashion. Zalora has sunglasses from various brands that shoppers will surely love. As for bags, chic leather bags, holdalls, roomy totes, padlocked backpacks that buckled across the chest, and outsized convertible-strap bucket bags are in. The manner of wearing a large bag with an arm slipped through both handles, the one hand supporting the bottom while the straps fall to the side, is trendy. Thinner belts are stylish as well. If you are fond of wearing watches, go for those with yellow and green coloured dials. Thin diver’s watches that are quite simple are what a stylish man should wear.

Adidas Originals 2014 Spring/Summer “Oil Spill” Pack

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Mostly guys were eyeing on Adidas Originals as they released a new kicks for a season’s collection. Because Adidas build up their reputation already when it comes with men’s shoes and apparels as well with girl’s finds. I think, Adidas is the one in leads today when it comes in street wears because they did offer some great finds which most the folks out there are pleased to have, and I include myself there..hehe I really liked this brand because it can make me really quirky and trendy at the same time.

Recently, Adidas released its new design of kicks for spring/summer season 2014,Adidas Originals 2014 Spring/Summer “Oil Spill” Pack, and I must say, these shoes are great and versatile too that can be fits in any type of styling you may got there. Actually, I dont have any details yet in hand regarding the collection. But soon I got any I’ll surely then update you here so you better to check this site often for further updates. Thank you so much!



Stylishly Fun Shopping at Zdress

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Who says women are the only ones who are on the lookout for the hottest trends in fashion this 2014? We are also excited about transitional menswear trends and since it’s a new year, what better way to start than to replenish our wardrobe. A lot of us may be feeling down since the holiday festivities are over and we are a little short of cash. But remember that being stylish doesn’t have to be expensive. Some good fashion sense and confidence is all men need. It also doesn’t hurt that we are in the loop for what’s hot in fashion.

Blue is the color of choice especially bright blue (don’t go for navy blue because it’s boring). However, only wear the color in small doses and don’t go over-the-top. Camouflage is trendy again but the prints are more abstract and creative. Stripes is back but with a twist. Contrasting directions and upside-down geometry is the way to go. But if you think such bold stripes don’t suit you, opt for the usual classic stripes. Block checks are also in but they should be wide and have a base color of black, grey, and navy.

 photo 2vvqdm12_hst_zpsfee8c2bf.jpg

You can buy all these at Zdress, a leading online retailer of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry etc. for men and women. They also have wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, cosplay costumes, lingerie, items for the home, and children’s clothes. They pride themselves in having high quality products sold at low factory direct prices. Plus, they have a wide selection of clothes in various styles so there’s something for everyone. Their collections are also regularly updated. I browsed the site and saw some really stylish Cheap Men’s Hoodies which I’m dying to buy.

They likewise have an assortment of Men’s Jackets online in different styles and colors. Zdress is truly a shopper’s haven. If you’re into vests, you can also find a lot of stylish Wholesale Men’s Vests. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’ll surely find it at this online store.

Cleaning your Shoes

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Having clean shoes is not impossible. However, it is a fact that no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, your shoes are going getting dirty. Nonetheless, with a little work, you can have your shoes looking good no matter how often you wear them. This article will discuss how to clean your shoes using a washing machine.

Steps for Cleaning your Shoes

Remove the laces from your shoes. This will prevent damage to your shoes as well as to your washing machine.

Use different kinds of items to clean your shoes: a brush can wipe of dirt and mud, pins can remove excess mud in tiny spaces, and a cotton ball soaked with alcohol can remove accumulated dirt.

Place your shoes and shoe laces inside the washing machine.

Put some detergent inside the washing machine.

Set the temperature of the water inside the washing machine to cold in order to prevent the color of your shoes from fading.

Place your shoes inside the washer and start the cycle.

Remove your shoes from the washer and put them in indirect sunlight for 4-6 hours to dry. It is not recommended that you put your shoes in direct sunlight since this will trigger the fading of colors.

Put the laces of your shoes back on, and walah, your shoes are clean.


Do not put newspaper or any other kind of paper with ink inside your shoes to help them dry, since this can cause the inks to attach to your shoes. Instead, use some tissue or paper towels.

If the only dirty part is the plastic component of your shoes, then there’s no need to use the washing machine. You can just brush using an old toothbrush with a little baking soda.

Before washing your shoes using the washing machine, you may want to consider placing them in a pillowcase for protection.

If you do not have a washing machine, you can just use a bath tub or the sink to wash your shoes. However, you need to brush them regardless.

Precautionary Measures

Make sure to check the tags of your shoes for any special washing instructions which they might have. This is important, because different shoes require different methods of washing.

If your shoes are very expensive, then you may want to manually wash them since using a washing machine may cause damages.

Footwear such as shoes must be cared about. Cleaning your shoes is very easy and simple, but it does require work, and this naturally turns people away from doing it. The above guidelines and steps are considered as a huge help for people wanting clean shoes. Follow this advice, and you may extend the life of your shoes as well as their quality. Do not follow this advice, and you will be left with dirty, disgusting, and unappealing shoes that do not feel comfortable to wear. The choice is yours.

We are Homejoy and we do house cleaning to make happy homes for our clients. We are a startup located in San Francisco and 30 + other cities across North America and quickly expanding. We have been featured on shows such as Rachel Ray and magazines such as Forbes. We also share some cleaning knowledge with you to give you ideas on how to sustain a clean and healthy environment in your house or your office.