Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Arrives In The UK

I know a lot of my fashionable readers would like to know about this awesome news that the gorgeous Gwen Stefani’s shoe line label L.A.M.B. has just launched their latest range of heels that finally arriving  on UK that will be only available on the online store that’s why if i were  you must get your fave shoes now because all of the UK fans are staring to mob about the shoes and the funny thing was, even my sister is overthrowing me to use my paypal just to have at least one pair of this kind, and she was insistently right now ,lol but let me thing first if i allow her to use my account and get her dreaming L.A.M.B sandals,hihe by the way i got some of their product pictures below

And the good things was they just all ranging to £199 up to £235 , how cheap uh, into a designer’s shoe

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