Best Career Ever?

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When I was I child, rather when we’re all a child. One thing that we most telling to our playmates which that, what will you become as you grown up? Me, I often tells to my childhood friends that I want to be a doctor because doctor was the well known profession as often we knew, right? but when I got on the middle age( around 5th grade) I think, I wanted to be become a computer literate which taking up some computer courses soon as I become to collage, and yeah, I took up computer science when the time I’m on my collage days but I think this courses wasn’t me at all, I mean this was not really suits on my personality on what I wanted to do so often, that’s why maybe I decided to stopped for awhile and find my self out on what career that I will push through. And now I’m already 22 and earning quite good amount though and by this time. I really knew on what career that I will go through which mechanical engineering careers and by the next semester,I’ll definitely enroll my self for this course. Let see though on what will happen to me as soon as I studying the courses.

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