Men’s Guide to Wearing Cufflinks

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Men can wear different accessories but cufflinks, more than any other accessory, stands out from the rest even when you try to hide them. A pair of cufflinks can make or break your look and ties them together so finding the one that fits your style is important. If you are successful, ambitious, hard-working and the one in charge, you can wear a French cuff shirt and cufflinks whenever you want. Make sure to look for understated handcrafted links and avoid overly flashy ones. If you are the creative type, buy at least one pair. Look for fun and cute designs that reflect your uniqueness and creativity.

If you happen to be a guy who is slowly making a name for himself in his chosen career, wear cufflinks that will let you leave a mark. You should have about four pairs of silk knots and one pair of metal cufflinks that you can wear during special occasions. Avoid wearing too fancy links and shop for ones that show your youthful vitality. Try silk knot links in nice colors. Breaking the rules in wearing cufflinks is permitted once in a while as long as you make sure to wear them stylishly.

Learn How to Wear Cuff Links

For a modern man to be considered “fashionably in” he should have cufflinks. An online store to shop in is Elite & Luck, one of the top retailers of Natural Gemstone Cufflinks and men’s accessories in Bangkok, Thailand. Their goal is to manufacture top of the line items that will meet their high standard of handmade craftsmanship as well as make their customers happy. The cufflinks are made from the highest quality materials and has powerful gemstones that not only looks elegant but attracts good fortune, wealth, and luck.

Customers can shop by choosing different categories such as Cufflinks Collections (Classic, Luxury, Limited, Prestige Cufflinks Model etc.), Gems Powers (Love and Charisma, Harmony, Prosperity and Success, Courage and Strength, Protection etc.), Gems Type (Amethyst, Black Onyx, Blue Topaz, Crystal Quartz, Golden Rutile Quartz etc.), and Gems Color (black, blue, brown, gold, silver, white, pink etc.). Elite & Luck ships worldwide within 3 business days after payment confirmation thru Thailand Post Express Mail Service (EMS). International shipping fee is $19 (USD) for the first item. They offer a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase, provided that item has not been used and is in the original condition. Payments are made through Paypal which accepts all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard.

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