How to Hide your Identities Online?

sometimes on this blogging activities that we were doing on, we really need to hide  of our identities not just to hide our personal information but also to protect our blog its self, why? because other freaking people are trying to hack out our blog details such as cpnel, blog login details and such more and of course as they open it they’ll definitely destroy it for good? not sure though on what hacker want to do on your blog,if thats happen..

I cant get the point why people doing these stuff, maybe this was only their job? i dont know either,lol but i think we can do a simple way to avoid it so, how? as you registering your domain to be, make sure you can avail the private privacy that most domain registrar has, so nothing to worry about it and also some domain registrar has this feature wherein you can set your domain onto a protection in any theft which may happen on the future, but not all registrar have it so maybe you’ll have to search some good domain registrar as well , lol so yeah i think thats it for now and as i learn something new on my way long ill definitely update this for more relevant and informative one..thanks

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