How To Defrag Your Windows XP Hard Drive?

Ive been uploaded rather downloaded a lot of software’s before, as i bought this lap top a brand new one, because there’s no software who already installed to this lap top that i needed or i often to use while im doing my work online, such as yahoo messenger,skype and of course mozilla firefox and many more, but i think i gets overwhelm¬† downloading such other software’s where took me deleting some of those on my that i think who can make my lap top slowish? not sure though, but other says that defragging a computer is a big help to get it back like before, i mean to run it fast as before, so yeah i need to take a risk to try it, though i dont have any ideas on how to do this stuff on this lap top but as i browsed youtube , Ive Searched some tutorials that i think who can help me with, to do this defragging stuff smoothly, so here’s one of the videos that i found

I think this may help me to, to get this computer as fastest like before, because i getting pissed of, when im trying to do some blog hopping because of the slow ass that this computer performing of,lol so yeah i think, im done with this and i hope everything will be fine later..thanks

2 thoughts on “How To Defrag Your Windows XP Hard Drive?

  1. I no longer use the built in defragger on any of my PCs as its just not suitable for a serious defrag. Its slow and doesnt defrag when any program is run, which means waiting until you are ready to turn everything off before you defrag. I like the commercial automatic defragmenter features which enable you to work on the PC during the defrag as well as defragment system files and if you have low free space.

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