Now, I need to drink some dietary tea..LOL

Yeah i must say that i need to drink some good well effected dietary tea(as early as now) that is available on the market  nowadays because christmas and parties are now coming over to my way and the bad thing is i cant help it because its part on our culture..LOL and i know rather im pretty sure that when the month of December is here already a lot of foods will be made and i know we cant stop our selves to taste or eat a bunch of it.LOs

Now Ive been remembered  last december 2009 which can gained much weight on me because i wasn’t have this discipline on me but now i got it already and promise to my self that ill just taste what mother will cook then, hopefully i can, now as for today my gained weight last year was indeed burned out but i need to work out a little bit more to get it back on the real me, i think on this post i can make my self funny, what do you think? LOL because me personally im asking my self why do i have to tell you these such more personal matter..ahah ok  i think this enough though and let see as the parties and christmas done on how i weighting then, no worries ill make you updated on this issue,thanks a lot and have a blessed holidays to you all.

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