what come first? welcome note or the eon card it self?

I blogged about my eon card application recently to this blog and yeah there’s a new update on my application as i called the union bank in second times, yeah this was my second call to them and sorry if i dont blogged my first call about my eon application on this blog because i did published it on my other blog that you can read over here..ok i called them twice because i want to clarify things out about the welcome note or letter that they often asked me as i call them, my goodness what this letter for? could you please tell me? i tried to ask them(union bank) on what this welcome letter all about but yet still they dont explain it out to me and on the other hand my phone was hang up then because my phone load was rapidly going down because they have this an line land for customer assistants, my goodness why they did told me that i need to call them first to verify if my card(eon card) was available to pick up then¬† and here they’re keeping telling me about the welcome letter..LOL

ok im quite confuse now which goes first? the card or the letter? well i think i need to go on the bank and ask them personally about this because i really need to have my card and make a withdraw out of it..ok ill make you updated on this application, thats it for now and thanks a lot

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