The Nano watch?

I admit, I am not really a techie when it comes on gadgets because I dont often check what are the hot and not. Anyways, I know there was an nano ipod but this recently I just found out that we can may also put an wrist watch strip on it to make it look like an real watch. Look at the photo on top. How’s it look? do you like it boh? me, personally, I wanted to have this, however, I dont have enough money though to spend off on this kind of watch rather into nano alone. LOL Let see if I’ll got some offers towards to this blog that can help me to get my dreams in reality. LOL

Alright, that’s it for now and sorry, because I knew you’ve done heard this on the other blogs previously. Yeah! I was late then on this, I told you , right! haha

2 thoughts on “The Nano watch?

  1. Outstanding Look of Digital Watch, I am very much fond of the Technical watch, cause a watch can be like your friend, I always keep my watch with me forever….


  2. I was thinking of a nano ipod while reading your blog. The watch does really look like an ipod putted on the wrist watch strip. I couldn’t concentrate reading. That watch is really an eye catcher and dragged my eyes to it while reading. =D

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