Will blog about fashion starting today

Yes! you heard it right, or as the title of this post stated, that I was now blogging for fashion. Though also I will still blogging on my personal rants and thingy because that topic(s) will not be abolish on this blog. Because I am still love to tackle about my life and topics around me that I’m pretty sure you do as well. Why fashion? well, as you know my other blogs, I mainly blogged into fashion,really! because I think on the fashion niche I can more update on each one of my blog because of my passion on it, I think so, that’s why I was now blogging on the niche. Anyways, no questions about it,I know. But please so often check this blog still like what you are doing before when the time I was so pleased on my personal thingy. LOL Okay, I am run out of my words now, need to go. Bye!

2 thoughts on “Will blog about fashion starting today

    1. Yes. I admit, and this was my problem most of the time..hahaha thanks though for letting me know. And will try to fix things out and will try to blog long time then so that I can check on my grammar as long those misspelled words, because I’d often blog for just a minute on each entry that I’ve made.


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