What Happened To Justin Bieber’s Face?

i know a lot of justine bieber’s fans out there been heard the news that the teen heartthrob idol was a faked nor pedophile that named Michael cote and  when i  first time heard about it to my sister i got shocked  (who doesn’t by the way) and of course i did so little searched about the issue to find out the real  one and yeah when i was on Google it noticeable that the write up about the issue was minimal only and the video who is titled what happen with Justin Bierber face who is peeling face when Justin was performing on Orlando based on onion news network was really fraudulence that’s why i don’t even believe on the news and i found out the onion news network it self is big heck, my goodness i don’t get the point why people inserting some effort just to give or published a faked info about the artist and stuff..anyways i cant blame them because maybe they just doing their job though..LOL ok if you haven’t yet watch the onion news report in regards on this just watch the video below

So yeah Justin Bierber isn’t a 51 years old liked what been said on the faked news and i know a lot of fans can breathy smoothly now and by the way lemme remain on the title on this post because i want to be unique on other review on this news..LOL

on my personal point of view Justin might change his hair style because yeah its kinda look a wig..LOL peace out

36 thoughts on “What Happened To Justin Bieber’s Face?

  1. You know, this is what i think of this foolishness:

    USO DA!!!
    USO DA!!!
    USO DA!!!
    USO DA!!!
    USO DA!!!
    USO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL me too didn’t believe this ,, I shock in the first time , then i search and be sure ,
    it’s really imposseple for person in 51 to dance he already will CRASH xDD ,, And it’s sure tha’t not his voice , thank’s dude =)

  3. omg:(I knew it wasnt true!!!I was crying and I WAS REALLY really upset!!!i was crying so hard that I WANTED to die I looked at his posters and say how can this be true my mom said search in google I did I found this nd what I really found intresting that the girl who was in the 2007 pic looked kind of like j.b’s mom but whatever as longest this is not true I’LL STILL LOVE J.B!!<3

  4. I was shock!!! when I heard that justin bieber is fake. YOUR A FAKE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! you are FREAK FREAK FREAK!!!. you foolish da people that trusting u, you are a foolish guy dat i’ve never see. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOUR A FAKE!!!.

  5. you are Freak I hate you Love pa man din kita dati pero nung nalaman kong Fake ka,
    I HATE YOU ANYMORE!!ShaROT muryot.

  6. Lol. I don’t mean to be rude and all but, Don’t people here read comments? or are they just plain stupid. It’s Obviously fake…those who believed it must have something unscrewed in there brain.

  7. i was totally upset when i heard the news that justine is fake……………..
    i cant believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but i will not believe unless justine say of who really he is?????????

  8. i dont like justin that much BUT i have to say whats real the news viseo,its totally fake video done by some idiots or its the game of free peoples, its illusion …..
    and secondly justin isnt a common man that about whom u do such meaningless sacndels….
    if it is true why not it blew up….

  9. all yall kids is silly if it was on the world wide news then duh!!!!! its fake hes a fake get over it boo hoo kno one cares cause he aint even all dat popullar in the music world so dats why it aint all on tv so get sum ice cream sit down eat n stop trippin

  10. if justin beiber is not 51 years old……..then what is his age now????……………………………………anyway…..justin beiber is like an monster to me………..PEACE 😀

  11. 1 day a boy went to his girlfriend house; the girl said: mom we are going to my bed room ; Mom: ok but don do anything stupid ; After a few min…; mom heard a sound from upstairs :Baby baby baby oh~~~~; the mom rush up and open the doorand ask: what are you 2 doing ;the girl said :mom we are having sex!!!!; Mom: oh, thank god i thought you were listing to justin bieber

  12. if thats not the real JB where the hell is he?????? what happen to real JB????? why JB is not responding to this ???

  13. all the guys just jealouse beacause justin bieber was adoreable cute hot cool and other i will prove you the real one i’ll tell you all the truth the real one justin bieber is not gay justin bieber is not 51 years old his also not pedophile i just belive that justin sound like a girl but its dosen’t mean his gay to right?justin real age was 17 years old let me tell you all how did you know his gay?did you ever see JB with a guy?no right beacause you don’t know where he go please i hope you belive me please don’t hate justin too much please!!!THX 🙂

  14. I don’t believe it. JB isn’t fake. I first heard it from my friend. I couldn’t stop myself n i ws crying in school. Justin plz respond to this. I know that it isn’t true n really i luv u…….

    1. omg you are so mean ritz you are so mean to justin bieber because you know justin bieber is nice to people he believe people a girl okay ritz

  15. I was really shocked bt i know dat isn’t true bcoz jealousy kills people dat y their r trying to dirtify his name,go on justin show them their cann’t pull u down,i really love his songs

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