Hoping to get accepted on theadnetwork.co.uk

Yeah, Im hoping to get accepted on the program that i frustrated to be part of which is theadnetwork,lol because i heard a lot of reviews regarding their program and a lot of people telling that this program has a great deal with us which is giving us a 10 pounds per sign up if you get accepted being their publisher and they given us another 5 pounds per month automatically even you cant drive some traffic to them, its standard! sounds awesome right? but ive been tried so many times to apply into their program using this blog but i ended up with rejection.haahah though i know that im qualify on their  program because this blog is more on personal content that’s what they’re looking for , i think!

Ill try to apply again after i get posted this blog and by this time hopefully i get accepted then,,hahah (cross fingered) 🙂

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