What is JejeMon?

A lot of  Tweet  had made even on the facebook wall has spoken about this  new word called Jejemon,Because people got confused nor just curious on this new word that people are commotion with,lol So what is the real meaning of this jejemon that most Filipino talk about?

If I am not mistaken vice ganda( one of the host of showtime) who’s the one who can gave meaning out of it and i dont know when he can get it, maybe on his old chest?haaha but anyways based on his, the jejemon are those people who can write words in different ways especially on text messages  like on what my cousin maricar did, yeah most of the teenagers right now are jejemon  or i must say all of them are really jejemon,lol and sometimes i got annoyed with those words that my cousin texted me because i really cant relate nor im just a old fashion or old enough for doing it?lol

Example of Jejemon Words

-uxtah Knah Pfou?(How Are you)

-Where nah u foe?jeje (where are you)

Saan kah pow pumuntah?? (where you’ve been)

That will be some examples that i know ,ok ill update these examples later after i can get my cousin maricar so that i can ask more example,,:)

By the way im not against on this new phenomenon word , i just don’t like to be one, because i cant relate and i dunno on how to do those words..lol

18 thoughts on “What is JejeMon?

  1. bobo mo dude! kala ko magaling kang mag english para magbatikos ng mga jejemon. Magjejemon ka na lang din para d halatang d ka marunong mag english!

    1. lol anyways i respected your comments about this post of mine, but bear in mind that im not against on jejemon like what ive said on the last part on this post, and regarding with my English, sorry if you don’t understand what im supposed to tell, but then again i hope you’ll having fun by using those words on text messages..lol 🙂

  2. [i-copy paste ko na lang ung koment ko sa ibang blog]

    Kahit saan ata ako lumingon 3to ang isyUo j3j3m0n = Jologs. Ayon sa mga kritiko nila, nawawala na daw ang tamang pagbigkas ng wika. NaKahKaht@K0t ngA NMan nA bkA dumAaT!NnG aN PnAh0Nn nA aLA na tAUnG Lh@t zA taMaNg pagbAi-b@y nG salita. S0 wat poknat?!?

    Sa tingin ko hindi to palayuan ng ihi, na kung sino ang malayo yun ang angat. parang pulitiko na kapag may napapansin lang na mali babatikusin na kagad. may wasto na paggamit ng salita at hindi ako naniniwalang hindi mo y0n alam, kaya kahit isang katerbang j3j3m0n pa yan hindi mo parin mai-aalis sa isip mo ang paggamit nito sa tamang pagbabay-bay ng salita.


  3. True. It’s okay for me as long as we’re not exchanging messages with each other or else I’ll be on fire. Haha!

    Yup. I’m one of their publishers. They pay every month.

    1. yeah i dont even use this kind of words in any ..nothing to worry about,btw thanks for the info now i know that the company is legit..:)

  4. I think this Jejemon phenomenon is plainly for fun and SHOULD NOT be taken seriously. This is not much different to the Gay Lingo phenomenon. I myself is guilty of being a Jejemon a few years back, almost every time I’m texting and chatting online. The most important thing is, both parties understand each other. I do find Jejemon as irritating but if it is none of my business, I’ll just ignore it. Otherwise, I will politely ask the person to communicate to me in the “conventional” way. I’m seeing this phenomemon as a “REVOLUTION” by youngsters against the dictatorial English being taught at schools and could become an indicator of GENERATION GAP. I have nothing against it as long as it doesn’t impair the Jejemon’s ability to communicate on plain language, although I sometimes get tempted on making fun of them. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what language you are speaking as long as you understand each other. That’s all that matters.

  5. yha ok lang nmn yng jejemon words…as long as di mo gagamitin ang jejemon words sa school,be smart enough in using this new phenomenal words,trip2x lng.

  6. puwit na may hengkay bakosa pa tatolatogya na mga kasamah ng kay todo todo ng kay ng sumayaw ng dodo ng kay dordordor ng kilikili na may utot ng may konti ang balahubas ng bernardinonng vernaciong baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka :p

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