Photo of the day!Meet My Cousin Jeannie hood!

Just this afternoon i was chatted  with my uncle Willie about stuff  that we always did everyday ,but this day i am quite happy because Ive been met my other cousin who  lived on the other city that’s why we cant have a change to recognize each other before but anyway she is nice and beautiful of course, though this are first time to talk..hehe  by the way  her name is Jeannie Hood at first i asked her out how old she is and she hesitate to answer me back  but later on she  answered me then and I got shocked because i don’t even think that she already in that age,lol  i hope she wont read what i wrote here or else i got a punch from kidding aside .when our conversation when deeper i found out that she is working as a Realtor on John L. Scott real state company on US,she can help you out to find the home that you are looking for just contact her on this email ( for any of your inquiries ,so that will be for now because Ive always said that i want to keep this blog as my personal blog meaning no advertisement and stuff but for the my cousin ill broke my promise a bit..hehe

Ps :if you are in USA right now and planning to buy a better house just contact Jeannie Hood and she will be happy to assist you..

Her contact numbers for your assistance

  • Phone: (425) 446-2442
  • Fax: (425) 335-0854
  • Cell: (425) 446-2442


-Ronel Marin

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