Youtube is one of my best sort of information that’s why i posted some unique  and interested topic on this blog (thank you youtube)because i can saw what people mostly like to talk about  and what their love to arguing with as well,.lol like on this topic of  K-POP VS P-POP admitted i am not a fan to both of this group but i saw how they perform , how they dress up and mostly on how they connect with people , so let me allow to do some compliment and criticism to both of this group even though im not a die fan..lol let me start with K-pop , kpop is well known nowadays because of their professionalism , how they act ,sing,dance,and they look are great too and if im not mistaken all of this guyz are went through with some hard training that will probably takes about 3-5 years before they introduce as an artist and i admired them with that

try to watch the video below and also try to compare it on P-POP..lol

And on the other hand is P-pop (Philippines POP?)  as i see to it P-pop is trying to simulate K-pop? what do you think?? because they really imitating what k-pop already achieved for example the way they dress, move and stuff all is kpop and the way they sing and dance was good but compare on kpop they just like rehears their piece today and  perform it tomorrow, maybe they really have to have an extensive training first like what kpop did ,because their was a saying that if you trying to mimic someone, make sure you can incommensurate or impenetrable what they did, right?

Damn im quite mean today..lol but im just telling what is my opinion regarding with this issue and sorry if you got offended on this post just leave me some comment or correction..:)

but no worries even though im quite bias on kpop i am still a Filipino who  patronize with our owned..:)

18 thoughts on “K-POP VERSUS P-POP?

  1. The name of your blog totally threw me off – Ronel is the name of both my grandpa and father!

    Great article!


  2. Well, you’re right. P-Pop is simply a K-Pop mimicry. XLR8’s You’re so Hot is a rip off of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry. If you’ll just listen to You’re So Hot’s intro, you’d actually think that the song playing is Sorry Sorry.

    XLR8 is so second rate! Even though I’m Pinoy, I wouldn’t patronize such artists.

    I saw them perform on Party Pilipinas and I was disappointed! They can’t even sing their own song LIVE! They were lip syncing because their voices are computer enhanced to sound good with the genre.

  3. Im not a big fan of this kind of music, but K-pop is definitely better *-* DBSK is very good 😀
    Thanks for comment in my blog!

  4. K-pop is definitely better *-* I know DBSK and it’s very good! 😀
    this P-pop is new and is totally fake ¬

    Thanks for comment my blog 🙂

  5. To be honest as much as I love Kpop, I believe there will come a time when Filipinos will get tired of it, and after a few years they’ll be saying it’s outdated already or something like that. That’s what usually happens here in the country; when something gets too famous, by the time the fame dies down people will regard it as plain history.

    And I think the same goes for japanese pop too.. the long training years, I mean.

  6. hi….im totally k-pop fan…..you’re right what you have post here….and pinoy is the #1 copycat….eventhought im pinoy but they are wrong….

    1. yes..but let make this as a secret okayyyy..lol btw thanks for visiting me here and yeah im replying person who commented me here..waahaha

  7. alm nio dapat pinasikat nla yng jabawockeez yun lng ang suggest ko dahil taung pinoy ang gumawa nion nakakahiya sa ibang bansa ginagaya natin sila wla taung originality inaamin ko taung mga pinoy gaya-gaya kng pinasikat natin ang jabawockeez maganada sana pagtapos nailagay sa myx di ba? wow! ang galing sana kng ganun
    agree ako sa sinabi ni kurog tungkol sa xlr8 na parang super junior akala ko nga rin nga ganun eh kaya disssapointed din ako na ni lilip sing lng ang mga kanta sa party pilipinas WLA TAU MGA ORIGINALITY kng pinasisikat natin ang mga opm tapus pag nagustuhan natin syempre papagandahin yun ng mga taga-opm di ba tapus pang maganda na papasikatin nla yun tapus magkakaroon na ang opm ng pop, jazz, at iba pa eh kaya lng gusto natin ang mga american songs ah! wla mngayayari nditau sikat agree din aku sa mga ibang hndi natin kalahi na gaya-gaya tau kaya ako dissapointed talaga ako…
    kahit ako ay pinoy

    sori hndi ko kau sinisisi pero totoo naman eh! di ba/

  8. Edi ang gawin natin, LAGYAN naten ng ORIGINALITY yung Ppop. Sayang yung name oh. Cool pa naman. Anyway, mas maganda yan ‘pag may PINOY taste. 😀 DIBADIBADIBA? 😀

  9. for mr kasi…nagsisimula palang tayo..may mga p-pop naman po tayo na original eh..like q-york,young jv etc…para sakin yun yung p-pop for now…let’s give them time…makikilala din ang p-pop…

  10. Uhm.. I agree im half korean pero d2 aqu sa philippines lumaki .. And i love kpop specially 2NE1 but i was really shocked when pop girls arrived and it was like “wonder girls copycats?” they were really immitating them.. And xLR8 its super obvious na gnagaya nila ung sUPER JUNIOr .. XD 🙂

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