Lockerz updates:July 2010 Redemption Redemption update

I missed the last redemption..huhu but its ok then because i know sooner lockerz will open shop for us international members..hopefully this year..bwahaha ok as i came through on the site , they said that they were having a 3 redemptions for this month of July ,first was the early bird redemption but sad to say this will be only available to those lucky US members who purchased at least $ 1.79 on shop date between July 1 to 11 and as i opened my account now, i saw it that the early bird was live as you read this post,get hurry to PTZ place to redeem your missed it? no worries lockerz had also a bonus redemption to those who spent $ 1.79 dollars again on shop that is also include to those Americans im staring to get envy with who doesn’t by the way? haha and third redemption is the general redemption wherein all of the members who earned 100 pointz by watching videos,login pointz ,dailies questions. between July 1 to 30 can be participate on it and please see your wall for more updates..:) thanks and have a great weekend everyone..:)

Wait, by the way i am not affiliated on i just want to blog this updates to help other newbie on the site to understand how its work..:) you can even pm me on mah contact page if you want..;)

Free t-shirt On

Free Tee from given away a free tee for those members who reached out the z-lister status meaning if you been referred 20 at least new members on the site you are eligible to receive this kind of tee  and yeah i did that, ive been referred 75 people to sign up on the site in just 3 days and lockerz promises this tee as a thankfully giveaway to us z-listers..

I got a z-lister status last 3 months ago  and now after a long waits the tee was arrived on mah house this morning july 8,2010 and im quite happy with it because lockerz makes it promises and i have it on my hand for real because im quite doubting before when i was new on the site but when i received email that they will shipping a free tee id like to believe then..and now i 100 percent sure that this site is legit

Ok ill include my lockerz redemption update on this post as well….after the shop bonus redemption for those members who purchased at least 0.79 on shop now both US and international are still predicting when was the general redemption gonna happen because lockerz is unpredictable as always ,,lol and i hope i can be able to redeem by this time around..crosses fingered.. by the way lockerz general redemption was expecting to occur on july 2 to july 10 and now its already 8 of july meaning we only have 2 days to good luck Updates Redemption update

I received inquires, questions on how does redemption works? so that i decided to make this as my series of post, yeah if you don’t understand how’s work just go on my freebies category or this recently on my lockerz category and i hope it can help you to understand whats on the entire lockerz site..but please don’t get me wrong i am not a employee on the said site im just doing this to help other people out who seek a wide information about but i do believed that all of your questions and inquiries has a answered on site it self , just don’t get afraid to ask and email them on what are the things bothering you or what..its really help..wink2 ok ok i have to go now and please do update on this series post of mine and let see if we can redeem an items after we exchange idea’s on this page..thanks