Thanks to Justin Bieber Pedophile..LOL

I know we webmaster(s) are really looking forward to be crawler on the Google search engine then get index after all because in this sense we can get a great page rank when Google update our blog as i know( please do correct me so if i wrote something wrong if you are a SEO or such thing) I admit i have to learn more in regards on optimizing on my blogs but through my own experiences by running a more than a 15 blogs alone i found out that the relevant blog content is one of the factors to get your blog crawler on the web …and yeah as i posted my Justin Bieber’s Pedophile news a minute ago Google crawled it and of course im got quite huge traffic then..

Yeah Im so fortunate to be on top on the keyword Justin Bieber Pedophile nowadays though i just wrote my entry these last 2 days ago but still by blog will lead on the topic..LOL i think my seo strategy is working again like what i did on my jejemon post who will lead among all the rest on the search engine..

I hope this will continue among my rest of my post and to my soon to be post , so that i can get the attention of those awesome advertisers who roaming around the web..LOL by the way thanks again on reading this post once again..:)