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I know Earn money online its a quite hard to do especially if you don’t have any idea’s on how to optimize blog because another companies wants your blog to be ranked first before they accept it on their program like what on other review site did, but this recently i found new and easy way to monetize your blog and absolutely no hard work to do, and the company that i was telling called yeah this company giving me a great amount per month and take note they aren’t pay on dollars they are on British pounds and British pounds is quite high on a dollars rate right?

So the idea is like this , apply on their company over here then they’ll be asking you a 3 url of your blog and other get confuse on it because they knew that they have to put in 3 blog but its doesn’t seems like that and all you have to do for the 1 url just put the home page url of your blog that you about to apply with, ex. and on the second and third url you can choose pages or post within the parent url..gets? so simple like that uh, and after you sign up wait at least 1 to 2 days before they can review it and if you got accepted they giving you some code that you have to put in, in your chosen 3 pages that you indicated on your application and after that you’ll receiving 15 pounds (21.66 dollars) for your first month because of the 10 pounds sign up bonus and another 5 pounds for implementing their banner within 1 day and monthly they’ll paying you 5 pounds instantly directly into your paypal account , but no worries they doesn’t care if you have rank or not as long as they see their banners live on your blog they’ll pay you monthly and you can add many domains that you have as long they are able to pass their criteria …

additional info:

Lets say you’ll have 20 domain and all of them are accepted on the program you’ll get 100 pounds per month in no effort, how good the program is? check out my proof below

And if you find this helpful please do sign up under my ref link over here and if you got declined on the first try just try it again and please don’t forget to use my ref link..thanks

21 thoughts on “Another Way to Monetize Your Blog

  1. Thank you very much for visiting my blogs! 🙂

    Will link you one at a time where you left your marks OK? Thanks!

    By the way, how many blogs do you have with them?

  2. ei… thanks for dropping by my site… this is a very interesting post… though i write mainly because i wanted to write, im still contemplating on whether i should monetize my blogs… thanks for sharing bro…

  3. thanks po sa mga comment , ill automatically link you out if your leave some comments any of my post , thanks po tips nman po pano maapprove sa payu2blog thanks po

  4. Hi ronel, thanks for the visit, sure we can exlinks. Ill grab your links now. You can add mine to
    Wow good thing dumaan ako sa blog mo, pwedi siguro mag sign up diyan baka yayaman tayo hehehe. ill sign up to this site thanks for sharing.

  5. I am still tweaking my blog roll on all of my blogs…. ganito na lang, just email me your websites with short description (2 sentences) and tell me anong mga categories nila.. and when I started publishing my link list I will advise you so you can link up my sites

  6. kuya j,kulisap apply nio po ung blog nyo muna dito sa program khit wla kang mabigay n traffic po sa banner nila ok lang they still pay you po every month as long po na nkalagay po ung banner nila..:)

  7. Ang galing mo talaga. Naiinggit na talaga ako.
    Gusto ko ring magkapera Ronel sa blogging.

    Pero iba don sa personal ko. Tapos every saturday and sunday lang ako pwede magganun. Paano ba gagawin ko?

  8. anong klasing home service yan?lol manicure pedicure po?hgihihi ano po ung blog nila?hihih pra pahatid ko po ung magmamanicure..:p

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