Fruit of hard work online! :)

Finally i bought this white pants on Guess that i really hoped-for in the long time because id like the style and the clothes was comfortable but the price is even good as but luckily this passed weeks ago a lot of opportunities that came a long into my blogs that i really amazed of ,that’s i why ive been given a change  to buy this quite expensive pants from guess  , though most of my pants are Guess Jeans  but this white pants is different to them because of the way the sew it and the back pockets was great indeed, that why i been frustrated to buy this before but now its mine already , so no worries at all,right? and i just want to thank my some of my blogs for given me this kind of happiness right now,,lol by the way those blog are free hosted blog only and im just used a free domain as well which the and if you want to have one free blog using free domain Co.Cc which hosted by wordpress just pm me at this email its my pleasure to help you out to have one  ..:)

So that’s it for now and ill post some of my things that i bought through my blogs earnings soon..thanks

wait.looooooooool you can know now how i fat because of that size,,lol,,:)

8 thoughts on “Fruit of hard work online! :)

  1. nice! i hope to be successful in monetizing my site as well. hehe! but it’s just a week old blog.

    exchange links tayo? 🙂

    btw, 30 = 34?? huh?

  2. and i mailed you re the free domain, mali intindi ko. akala ko you’re giving away free domains :)) you just help people setup thier blog pala. nice! so just ignore the mail. hehe

  3. In near future I want to enlist my site on this globe and hopefully, I will contact to you.

  4. You you could edit the webpage name title Fruit of hard work online! 🙂 | Iamronel to something more suited for your content you write. I enjoyed the blog post all the same.

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