I am not yet qualified on payu2blog..:(

Yeah, I am not yet qualified on the awesome program that i really frustrated to join with which called Payu2blog, because i heard so many good reviews and a lot of blogger are really satisfied on what payu2blog did by giving a lot of opps to them, they say.. that’s why i decided to be part of it, but this passed days Ive tried to apply some of my blogs but still i don’t even heard anything about my approval and it says that if you wont received any email with in 1-3 days its automatically declined  because they cant get in touched to those blog who does not meets their criteria,

I admitted now that i am not yet qualified on their program because when i chatted with mommyrubz last night , i found out that i have first at least 3 months old blog, also have a continuously post within  the 90 days given and the most  importantly you dont work even in any competitor’s program and your blog must be english of course .. and regarding on this blog maybe im qualify on other things but when i check out the date of my first post its dated on march 26,2010 so meaning i don’t have enough days to be qualified and i want to thanks mommyrubz for helping me out and for answering my questions though she having a lot of task that she have to finish..:) so let see if i got approve after 1 month more..lol

NOTE: this post is under my disclaimer, just to clear the air..:)

One thought on “I am not yet qualified on payu2blog..:(

  1. Hi, I was searching about blog requirements on payu2blog and came across to your website. I know this is an older post but I was wondering if you were accepted on payu2blog.

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