I Need To Work Hard More(ALERT MODE)

Yes Yes Yow, i have to be more aggressive nowadays because i have a lot of  things to catch up with regarding my blog post, blog stat, and related stuff because time is running out, and i have to do more than i been expected before uh! yeah im talking about my payu2blog application again..lol because i really want to be of it ,that’s why here i am again doing some blog hopping and Seo stuff just to be qualify on their criteria soon..lol

So what im doing right now? right now  i just digging my old files to be use on my link building stuff and they have a lot i have directories, social bookmarking, list of do follow blogs and many more and  i don’t know where to start and how can finish these as fast i can..huhuh please help me? nor do i have to pay on some ptc site so that they can give me automatically traffic? because im quite lazy to do these..hahaha but anyways ill do this then,. so that i can feel the success after ward..what do you think? ok ill work on it, so bye for now..

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