It’s better to be late than never

I still believe on the saying “it’s better to be late than never” though on the other hand being late is not a good manner, but what if  you are in the situation  that you have to rest or need some break for a while  in this  certain part of life ?
I know all of us came to the part that we have to choose or decide which can make us a better person , but quite sometimes we end up with the wrong speculation and we can do nothing about it because you already made it, but i still do believe that dejevu is come along just to give you a change and choose what is right and learned with your passed mistake, yeah its late then but its better than never, right! so if you made a wrong decision in your life just cheer up so that if you experiencing the same situation you can know now what you have to do..

Moving into other place,do you consider it?

No doubt it, We Filipino are very talented indeed,  in every thing that most other nation want to achieve like whats Chinese  people most admire with us regarding with our capability to speak in English fluently( but not me) because we all know that even those no read no write of our  countrymen(just to emphasis ) are really can speak it too,  but i am not telling that our friend Chinese people aren’t know on how to speak in English, just to clear the air and avoid misunderstanding regarding this as i continue i just wanna ask why  most of our countrymen think to leave this country someday? yeah its given that all of us want a abundant  life and give a better life on our family but  actually if you Analise it this country can give as a lot of opportunities on our way but suddenly the selfishness will be first over the seek of many , i am talking with some of those person or group of people who leads us now and in following , yeah sad to say this is the reality that occurring nowadays  and i think we cant change that because maybe that will be on our political culture?? that’s why other choosing to use their profession to work on other country and get a better life , so i hope this coming election we vote that we think who can change all of these matter, because we really need a CHANGE , a change what other countries think bad about us , a change that they wont called us a slave of nation  anymore, a change that we are looking for in a long time , a change that can  unite each one of us, and a change to be a  better country

Who’s the Cutest?

As you opened this post i know you want to find out who’s the cutest for me  right? or i would rather say that you want to be cutest?Lol but anyways this question got my attention when i saw one of my friend who posted it on facebook and a lot of people are responded that they are and i found it so hilarious i dunno why i just laughing  out  till now, but i want to clear things out that i don’t say that they aren’t  be cute i just find it so funny in the titled it self , kidding aside when i continuously reading i just felt so lucky even you you can feel that you are the cutest to all of us and it’ll make your frown upside down,lol all you have to do is search on google the keyword “Who’s the Cutest” then click the First Site who shown and you can find out who is..haaaah try it now and be amaze what google can make

-thanks for reading this nonsense post..haaa


Due of the insistence of my cousin maricar that she want to be included outta here, that’s why i separated one of her photos at the top, so i hope maricar  can sleep better now,,lol but anyways i just want to share with you these random photos that i shots on Sm clark recently because i got amazed on those creature sorry i dunno what is the perfect term for those robotic machine thing,hahah kidding aside, yeah relaxing is always listed in our weekly schedule because of my sister who really want to distress on her job and have a quite shopping stuff then and of course i always to be nice with her so that she can buy whatever i want..(sipsip baga,haha) and when we got passed through on the second floor there was a commotion happening on the side that’s why we decided to check on it as well and us  we saw that there was 2 robotic thing that is standing on the corner and a lot of people are shooting it  and i pointed my cousin and sister to stand beside in one of those creature to have a some pictures so that i can blog about it like what i am doing right btw those gladiator (thanks for the right name mis love poem) are made of recycle thing like spoon and other motor and car spare part just want to emphasis..:) so that’s it for now and i hope you got amaze to on those photos like what i did..thanks

The Watch I Want


Ive been Decided that ill be continuously  posting some of those things  that i really want to buy with, that ill be include on my wishlist category like my the hat i want post , because ill take of those posts as my reminder that someday and  i hoping that those things that i been posted here is would rather be mine in like this Yellow G-shock watch ,yeah i am keen of watches especially this kind of brand because i tested it already, i have two g-shock  then, that i been bought with the help of my grandma who live in u.s because the style that i want its only available there and with that a big thanks to you grandma..:)though i have 2 kind of watches of this brand but i am still craving with this yellow one because i found it so relaxing and nice to wear on this summer season…hhih anyway hoping this awesome yellow watch will be mine too..:) so that will be for now and wait on my next wishlist..thanks

Desclaimer: this post is not a paid post or advertiser post

Charice Pempengco with her expensive Microphone

I told you , i really want some video post, lol anyways i just want to share with you guyz  about this video of Charice Pempengco that she is singing with her song titled Pyramid and i want to emphasis what kind of mic  she uses in every TV show and concert that she come through like you have seen on this video, base on the info that i got the microphone called SENNHEISER MIC studded that has SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS on it and as far as i know only Charice in the whole asia can use it by this time because the mic cost $10,000dollar and even Celine Dion have it awesome right? so the question is if you are a singer do you also consider to have that kind of  microphone too??


Desclaimer: this post is not a paid post or advertiser post i just want to share this info to my readers..just to clear the 🙂

The Giant entertainment  company Viacom has taken is battle on google youtube for suing it for some copyrights issues, Because viacom found out that there was a lot of viacom clip that has been viewed on youtube without their permission! 160,000 unlicensed videos in total,that’s  why viacom asking youtube to pay them with some damages and if not mistaken they asking a billion dollars for it , but on my personal opinion youtube is not liable in any clip that posted on the site though they owned it ,but the point  is a lot of people are using Youtube and upload their want to upload and in that matter google cant check each one of those clip if that particular clip has or doesn’t have a license to be posted on the site , by the way google owned youtube just to clear this out…

you can check the video below for more info..

Link Love!

Yeah i am also open on any link exchange, though this site is new and not yet ranked but i still do believe that sooner this blog will get  known on the search that was the fighting spirit..haahah) but anyways if you want to have an link exchange on this blog of mine just leave me comment(s) on any of my post(s) then ill include you automatically on my link love page.. and i hope i can help you to built your site by this simple thing..:) by the way all of the blogger who commented me i already linked you out on my link love page just check on it  if you got listed..and if not just lemme know..thanks

-ronel marin 🙂

Sorry for the Busyness

Yeah, i am too busy nowadays because with some matter that i have to do related outside the online world thats why in some of my post they’re look like a campaigns but the truth is they aren’t i just made them read liked that but they still personal thoughts and ideas of mine, anyways i see to it rather as much as possible this blog is not for the commercial thing i mean doing a paid post but if i pursue that maybe i wont get last to this blogsphere because of the expenses that i have to pay with..

ok thats it for now and you’ll be expecting some of my rants on the next post, please do check them as well, thanks

The Hat I Want

Its already 3:30 am at my time but still i really cant sleep..huuhu that’s why i decided to post one of my mostly like to buy online which is the dc comics hat ,heheh i really want to have  at least one of this hat because the hat is great  indeed , and price is quite expensive of course that’s why i doubt to buy it..but let see if my earnings is still continuously by this month i might to buy but i am open in any sponsorship if you want..:) so time for me to sleep then, my bed is calling me already,thanks