Registering Your Avatar at

Actually this may first time to heard about this avatar thing though im on my 8 months on blogsphere,lol anyways thanks to my friend whom noticed me that i wasn’t have any signature photo on my comment to his blog and i asked him, whats that, and he replied me with lol because its been  a several months of blogging then since now i doesn’t know this,lol but he said that i can have my avatar on so that i immediately checked on it, but when about to sign up, its says that i have to wait for their confirmation about my application that they will send on my email address, i even searched on youtube by the way and i found out some tutorial videos hows its work..

Lady GaGa-Alejandro

Once again Lady Gaga Wont failed us to see so hotness video like this(ALEJANDRO),,uhh gimme a cold water please, lol actually i am not a fun but i got amazed when i watched this on facebook because the concept was great indeed even the custom is quirky and the dance step is smoothly done,  my goodness hats down on this,lol yeah i know all of you has a wet short right after you watched this

Next on the Line,the Iwatch?


We all know that apple is always using the letter I for their products nowadays, but i dont get the point why people are so imaginative and hoping that one day apple will make such Iwatches product to sell with on market?, actually i got amazed who’s guy behind this idea(s) however people are doubting about this concept because with some reason, first of their concern was who actually want’s to talk to your wrist? they said and its look dumb right? so what do think do apple consider this ? by the way the concept of this iwatches is like a computer as well you can connect on computer and even in a iphone using bluetooth and its has also a pico projector for beaming photos and video sounds, but i think it doesn’t appeal on people right now, so let us leave this for a while and let see along the

Please Sponsor Me an Apple

Apple Ipad

I cant help my self to get jealous into those people you have this freakkin awesome ipad  because right now i quite frustrated to have this for real, i can live without my phone, branded clothes and even money0f course  accept my computer because i have to update my online activities  24/7 with some stuff that i have to do everyday thats why ill consider my self to have this gorgeous  Apple Ipad so that i can connect any/everywhere i am, though i have this lap top with me but  ipad is can easily to carry on than a lap top that’s why i want this so badly, can you please gimme one? can you? lol anyways as i posted it here on my wish list, i hope sooner i can be able to buy this on my own money through my hard works online..please wish me luck..:))

Shoes with wings, The Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes

Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes
Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes

this was a great shoes indeed Ive ever seen in my life, who doesn’t? because this not the usual shoes that we worn, right ?and i know a lot of guys out there are dying to have at least of this kind and please count me in, lol by the way there’s a gold like this , that is awesome as well and thanks god to Adidas for making these shoes named Adidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes, i hope i can have this soon as a earn on this blog, (cross fingered ) lol

First Grand winner of Pilipinas Got Talent Jovit Baldivino

Congratulation to Jovit baldivino of batangas city who is currently won on the talent search Pilipinas Got talent, actually all i  knew about jovit is when he did his audition piece Faithfully by journey because he’d got  a lot of hits on youtube that’s why ive been noticed him when im across on youtube,because you know me i don’t have any time to watch television because i cant leave this freakin anyways lets us all watch the finale performances of jovit baldivino

I admit this was my first time to watch this video, and sorry i don’t have anything to tell about this guys but all i know is, he really did his best to won and give his family a better life that he never failed too,,and with that i am a hats down and 2 thumbs up to you my brother Jovit , i hope that you can survive on our local showbizness till last..crosses fingers with that..;)

American Adobo by Travis Kraft

I got amazed when i saw this video who featured on Mel and Joey the Sunday Talk show  that this guy named travis kraft who is fully blooded American has made a great cooking video on how to cook adobo one of those Filipino favorite food, who doesn’t? but what can make his video special? want to find out?  let us watch the video now

Yeah boy, he can even speak in our language which is tagalog that is make his video more speacial to us because its not a normal for us to seen a foreign national who do such this things, that why im proud and amazed to sir Travis Kraft because i can see the heart and dedication to adopt our culture nor he has it already? by the way not only adobo he can cook but also a dinuguan that most people are dying for to eat, yeah he cooks it live on his guessing on Mel and joey last night and i know a lot of girls out there are admiring him right now but sorry girls he is already taken by the lucky Filipina who is him best friend for long time on youtube for more videos..

Brush your teeth properly

This will be a quick post. because as much as possible i want you to have more time by watching the doctor’s tutorial below than a lot of explanation  that ill share base on my personal experiences on how can i brush my teeth and stuff because if i do so , i know its yawnful to hear,,really,lol so let us watch the video and find out on how we can brush our teeth properly to avoid as well some unwanted diseases that we get on the wrong way..

Actually i just came across to this video when i was searching with some new Jonas brothers video on youtube, and yeah i am a fun because i got amazed on how they played their music and its really rock , i know all of you agreed with me?lol so i hope you’ll find this video as informative as i do..thanks and by the way this is not a advertiser post or even a paid post , i just want to post it like the usual i write,lol how nice i am? anyways that’s life , just have to do this for the seek of reader’s of course..:)0

How Does Lockerz Redemption Works?

Yeah, I knew a Lot of those New member(s) on are having a hard time to understand How does lockerz redemption works? so in that case let me help you out to explain what i know about  how does it works..

-First Lockerz is on Beta right now, meaning their not accepting a walk in Customer(s)/member(s) to be sign up directly to their website because they still developing the entire website, but you can sign up, if your friend or any member(s) on the said website, send you  an invitation  to sign up that is the only way for you to get in, and after you get in, you must have to earn points by answering their dailies question and login ptz so that by the end of the month they’ll allow you to redeem  in any item(s) who suit to your points that is included on their catalog ..did you get it?? if not, try to browse the site and you can see what im trying to say..

-Most of you are also asking on how many redemption(s) that lockerz do per month? Actually their no assurances how many they are, but one thing is for sure that lockerz can give one redemption to all members per month that is always occurs  by the end of the month, but please bear in mind that they don’t announce further information when it does redemption gonna happen,i am referring with Time and Date, so if you are  insistently to redeem your points, you must be stay up all night so that you wouldn’t  miss the

-I hope, I can answer most of your questions about lockerz redemption and thanks by the way, by searching this topic on this blog , i just tracked it and find it informative to others that’s why i got to blog this into here..:)

Nothing to share,lol

LOL , I hates this moment wherein i have to post something to update my Archives but i don’t have any thing to share with(I don’t have any choice either), but due with some reason(s) i really cant tell you right now what is the main reason why i have too, but you might know  it if your are working to payu2blog ,i believed , grrr id still no idea’s that are roaming on my head right now i think this may call Writer’s blocked? yeah i am lack of idea’s to share,  but please let post some of my feelings like what ill be doing on my other blog the ,yeah  do fairness to this blog I never run out to write  here because i cant write whatever feelings,idea’s,things that i want too and mostly all of my (EMO mode) are all written here , so you might see it so that you can know who i really am,lol by the way i got a new blog that i tilted brobrand but its not a, its dot.In, because that’s the only domain who has discount on my domain registrar , just check it out and you will know what are the topics that you expected to see out there,so that’s it for now and sorry if you got yawn on this post..ahha