Versace Designs for H&M

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Have you heard about the gossip that Vercase Brand will do collab on the other brand H&M? Yeah – that’s true. Becuase they already did it. Look on the photo on top. These 2 outfits are the designs of Versace for H&M, how they look? dope or not?

For me, the jacket one is highly fashion, though the suit is also in high fashion but I think it will not suits usually for us men, becuase its overall pink(LOL) but of course we can wear the coat alone to make or create a new fashion statement out of it.

But all in all, these designs are awesome and stunning. Great job to Versace and H&M. I’ll just wait on the next designs for more update for this collaboration brand.

Must Have Guide – Removing Your Contact Lenses

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Although contact lenses have been around for more than a century and offer a safe, effective, stable, and reversible alternative to refractive surgery the actual task of removing them can be difficult, especially if you’ve only just started wearing them. With this in mind, we have put together ten simple steps to make removing your contact lenses a quick and painless experience.

Step 1: Wash your hands – Just as you would have done when you put your contact lenses in your eyes in the first place it is important that your hands have been washed and cleaned thoroughly. This will ensure that there is no opportunity for your eyes to become infected.

Step 2: Find a good mirror – A good mirror will help you to see what you are looking at more clearly, thus preventing any accidents happening.

Step 3: Check to see if your lenses are still in your eyes – If for some reason you are not sure whether or not your lenses are still in your eyes then cover your other eye and check your vision. If you can see clearly then the lens is there. If you are nearsighted, look far away to test if the lens is still on, if you are farsighted, look up close.

 Step 4: Fill your case with solution – In order to clean and disinfect your contact lenses they will need to be put into some form of solution. Cleaning solution can be purchased in single bottles, 3-packs, or as part of a lens care kit. Simply fill your case about halfway with solution before you take your contacts out.

Step 5: Hang your head low and look upwards into the mirror – Doing this will help to expose some white of the eye below the lens.

Step 6: Removing the contact lens – First use the middle finger of your dominant hand to pull your lower eyelid down, and then use the index finger of your opposite hand to pull up your upper eyelid. Next, slide the lens to the white of the eye, remembering not to let go of the lens. With your finger and thumb, gently pick the lens up off the white of your eye.

Step 7: Place the contact lens in the solution – Place the lens in the cleaning solution and gently rub both sides (from the middle to the outer edge) with one of your fingers.

 Step 8: Rinse the contact again with solution and place it in its proper (left or right) case.

Step 9: Repeat with the other lens.

Step 10: Leave your contacts in the case for at least a couple of hours and rest your eyes.

Company Profile: is your complete optical store. We design, produce and distribute a wide selection of glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and accessories for you and your entire family. With our online model we are proud to offer consumers an affordable, convenient, friendly option for high quality brand name and private label vision care products.

Kanye West Wears Versace for H&M @ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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Recently, I blogged something about Victoria Secret’s fashion show on my other blog The show’s indeed successful and a lot of fashion enthusiast and even those Victoria’s avid fans are truly happy on the brand’s new collection of undergarments.

Other than that, one thing we’re surely noticed about on the fashion show. Which is the singer actor Kanye West whose wearing this dope Versace Jacket for H&M. Kayne West did his performance for the brand and you may check it over YouTube.

By the way, if you were asking me about the price of this dope awesome jacket from Versace. Sorry to say, at the moment I really don’t have any idea on it, bear with me then, however, as Ive got time, I’ll surely search further information about it. That’s it, and Thanks folks!

Eyelash growth products

I just remembered awhile ago when my sister insistently wants to have an long beautiful eyelash. And she even ask an spa specialize about the eyelash extension thing that I won’t understand why she want it.

I know most girl will relate on this,right? Why do you have this thinking that when a girl had this long eyelashes she’s absolutely beautiful? Why oh why? Maybe that’s a girl vain. But you know what girl, there were some eyelash growth products that you can use to have an naturally long eyelashes. Check on it at any beauty shops that’s nears you.

Fashionable computer printer

Because of the technology these days, some pieces or things are can be change or mold as an fashionable things either, not like before, wherein people only knew that clothes,accessories,kicks are can be on or to be called as fashion. However, due of the new generation and things are evolving. Thee were now some computer accessories newly nvented that has a great feauture and also a great designs into outside of it.

I was preferring to Epson TM-T88V

Win your girl’s heart

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Having your girl a simply and but an awesome date isn’t that appreciated on your girl’s end. I know that, because my sister often tells me that. So, for those guys out there who wanted their girl or partner to be happy to the fullest. I must suggest you to give her an diamond jewelry or much better an GIA loose diamonds because they were a saying that the diamond is the girl best friend, that’s why if you could a girl received any of these diamonds. I am pretty sure that she will moved and touched on you. And your partner or the girl find it sweets and she’ll realize how important she maybe on you. 🙂

Look the photo on top, Mariah received an awesome Whiteflash engagement rings from her former boyfriend and she seems to be happy by then when she received the ring proposal for the man she looking up to. That’s an heart catching,right? a lot of ways actually to make your girl’s happy but the best one was this giving an Diamond Rings on your girl. Try it dude and you will see how your partner will react on it.

It will surely unexpected reaction from her. Diamonds are indeed great not only for marriage thing but also in investment thing, Yeah – for business. Because diamonds are increasing its value as the time or years goes by. It means, you can collect some of these diamonds pieces and when the time it’ll hit on the market, then, you can sell it and have your money double. Interesting,right? that’s why now, I was thinking if I will evolve my self on this, but sure thing I will, as Ive got any bucks on me. Because at the moment, I just have an sufficiently money that will enough on my daily expenses. hahaha

Okay, that’s it and have a great day ahead folks!

Men’s Cardigan

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I was roaming awhile ago in some online stores that I used to check often. And Ive seen this awesome cardigan for men that can really caught my attention. Because we all know folks that cardigans are usually wore by those hot chic there but it is actually for me too, like what you are seeing on the photo on top.

Yeah- Cardigan for men are still hip on today’s fashion, however, not all men I think can wore this out because it still depends on your body frame and type. what I meant was, this cardigan aren’t that suits for everyone who wants to wear it. Because I think only those skinny guy can work on this pieces( usually) but it doesn’t mean that if you have this quite bulky bods this cant do for you because theres also some potato couch one who can looks perfectly on this piece.

Know your self first if you have this geek style on fashion. I think this may suits on you!

Wedding rings

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I would like to dedicate this article to couples who are planning the formation of a marriage contract in the form of a wedding church. In his short scrap I will describe, important qualities that one should not forget that their wedding was the most beautiful ceremony in their district. Now I can safely say that this necessary detail of each wedding church. Imagine a situation in which the best man in the world simply forget to bring along the wedding ring.

We would not see each bridal couple minutes in this type of situation. Jest almost indisputable that the Wedding Rings are part of that outside of the oath and kissed the young pair which constitutes the core of this ceremony. Slub church wedding without wedding Poznan, after all, a veritable paradox Dear Wy. Takiej situation does not wish any pair Młodej. About to become husband and wife should also buy the most beautiful and also the most durable wedding rings are available in the scale of their ability investment. Wedding Bands keepsake the soul of it as until the end of life.

Meet my new watch

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I loved watches, as you’ve seen on this blog, I really used to blog some of the watches brands and designs because nowadays I’m quite crazed on them, who doesn’t by the way?

Okay, this very recent, me and mom are went to the mall to checkin some cool stuff that we can buy for the house thing, however, I’ve been saw this awesome branded watch from the guess store that can caught my eye and attention. Because look, this watch is indeed awesome,right? And the other good things was, the watch is on sale that time, it’s 70 percent off on the original price that’s why can’t resist my self to buy it or else someone will buy it as I don’t get it at the moment. So yeah, that’s how I have this great guess watch, now, I just needed to pay it on my credit card provider because I’ll just got it through my credit I hope there’s some blogging offers soon that will pays me a lot that can covered the whole price of this watch. Hahaha

Alright, that’s it for now – thanks!

Women’s watches Wrist watches for women

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Wrist watches have become very popular in the early 20th century. At that time used mainly for practical purposes, ie identifying the current time. In today’s modern paced time when everyone owns a mobile phone and always find the exact time, are rather watch a fashion accessory. Recently, the popular classical mechanical and digital Watches for Men are in decline. Very popular are fashion Watches of various shapes, colors and designs especially for the young generation. For this reason we decided to enrich our offer also this type of watch. Combining modern design and high quality quartz movement is, in our opinion a good choice. This is evidenced by positive feedback and our customers. We will strive to continually expand our offer and meet the ever increasing demands of our customers.