Make your girl happy


Girls are easily to pleased. Yeah – that’s true, because they have this all kind hearts and soft attitude that can make them all a sweet person. No doubt on that! and men are used to like it that’s why in the sense, they wanted their girl to be happy most of time, however, there’s one thing problem on men’s end, which they didn’t know on what things or present they should be given to a girl to make her happy.

Well, if you were residing in birmingham, good things because there’s an flowers delivered to birmingham that you can avail and got your flower delivered on your loved ones with no harsh. Yeah – flowers are the weakness of a girl because they felt like a princess when every time they received one.

Americans’ Street Fashion statement


I’d often seen some celebrities like, Justin Bieber, Kayne west, Christ brown and some other Rnb singers(men) wearing this this so called Americans’ street fashion statement, wherein their pants are below on the butt? what the? Actually, this thing were trend in united stated in 80’s if I don’t mistaken, and yet, this trend is continuing it till now.

At this moment, I dunno where did this trend got started , but soon I got to know it, I will surely then update you out in here. Okay, that’s it for now and have a great day to everyone..

Swag Outfits For Men



As much as possible. On this blog,, I wanted to be informative and a source of idea that might help on people’s needs. Yeah – I blogging for not for my self but also to those people who needs help especially on the fashion thing.

Today, what Ive got was these set of pieces that can make you swagger sick( for men). Because there were still some bunch of men out there who’re doesn’t know on how to mix and matches their pieces that can make hip and dope to them. So yeah – these are the sample combination of the pieces that you could actually try to bring the best in you. Just don’t hesitance to reinvent your self when in regards on fashion. Because fashion is all about you, how you interpret your self and how you can show off your own dopeness..

Alright,I think, I run out my idea on this topic already..LOL So, yeah – just be what you wanted to wear, however, its quite better then to follow some fashion rules sometimes..

Motor Parts


This recently, me and dad had decided to buy one motor because were often went out and the convenient way was to have this motor, however, we do have car but yet, motor is the way practical we think so. But anyway, as we have it already, one this that I’ve been noticed which the a.o. smith motors is quite messing me and I dunno how to fix it or how to make the motor run well that’s why I’d called up the company where we did buy this motor and they said that they’ll replace it to a new unit one. Good thing, the company is reputable and they can deal on this kind of situation, not like to other where their just blame you on what happened..

So -yeah, that’s the whole experience, I will update you more soon, kindly check back often..Thanks

Fedora Hat for Summer




Let’s all wear fedora hat folks. Yeah – get your self one. Because summer is fast approaching and the best piece to wear of on this season was this fedora hat. Why? because the hat looks too summer and it can bring the fresh feeling as you wears one. ( just only my opinion about the piece) But anyway, this hat is always trend as this summer comes. so – why not to have one for you self? LOL and be on trend this season like what other folks do.

Okay, that’s it for now and will update you again for more further info about this fedora hats, as soon as those fashion companies released their own designs of this hats. I am still waiting though to them – so bear with me here..LOL but no worries, it will sure then that this hat will be the trend piece this summer..:)

Thanks a lot and have a great weekdays to everyone..

Men’s Kicks by Christian Louboutin – Spring Summer collection 2012


Men’s fashion is quite bit boring. Yeah – we all know that, because we men, we just have this limited pieces to wear off to make ourselves dope. Not like on girls, wherein they got all the pieces in fashion today that can bring the best of them. However, as this fashion runs on this new generation, brands like Christian Louboutin are now considering the market for men. Because most men these days are into high-end fashion as well. That’s why, they keep on making some swag pieces that can rocking on men’s outfits.

Today, what Ive got was these selection of designs of the new men’s kicks of the brand, Christian Louboutin, are included on their spring summer collection 2012. I must say, these new shoes are fantastically made because of the quirky concept that they’ve been putted on it. The studs is the awesome part as long the combination of the color of the shoes, really awesome! and I know most of the fashion enthusiast out there are now drooling to have at least one pair of this shoes, included me! haahahah

Alright, that’s it for now and I will try to blog more men’s fashion on this blog..