CONS 2012 Winter CTS Ox “Camo”



The trend that I notice in this season is the camo print. I have been seeing lots of items with this kind of print, there is camo print on shirts, pants, bags, hats, and also in shoes. And converse is in with this trend,too. They are now out with their CONS 2012 Winter CTS Ox “Camo” that still has the converse classic look plus the camouflage print. This design looks good both for girls and boys who loves the comfort of sneakers and its style. These shoes costs approximately $105 USD, not a bad price though. This collection comes in two colors, the duck camo and woodland camo.

This may look different to skaters but they can give it a try. Maybe skaters are used to those plain CONS design. So in this season, since this is now really the trend why not purchase this camo shoes to match those other camo printed tops and bottoms. I myself would definitely give a try to purchase this sneakers to see what this will look like to pair with my shorts and jeans. But I really want to suggest those designs to skaters, just to reinvent their looks and take a rest for those plain or plaid printed sneakers they are using.    Now, camos are not only for the armies but can be worn by civilians and they can be fashionable with this.

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