A Late Father’s day greetings

This must be a belated happy father’s day to all Dad out there. Because I forgot to greet you all yesterday when was the celebration happens. Anyways this was a day where we can tell how much we treasured all the things that our father did to us since then, thought we can tell him so, every time. But there was some child who doesn’t want to show rather tell his and her cares every time to their parents. I dunno what are they reasons are, why they’re liked that. Maybe becuase they’ll find it corny when they tells I love you to their parents? I bet so! but please give this day to your father and show and tell to him how much you love him and even on your mother. Because without them we cant live an perfectly life to this world that no one can give you, becuase parents know best!

So yeah, this was my short message to all of you kids and a greeting to all great DAD in the World. I am did hands down to you all.

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