Done applying for eon card(Union Bank)

Indeed hilarious on my end that i was blogging about on how to verify your paypal account way back time thats under my archive  but the real is i wasn’t have the card(eon card) already that i was blogging about,LOL yeah so i might have this first so that i can give the full details and step by step procedure on how you’ll get your own eon card, yeah yesterday i went on the nearest union bank here at my place and what i have in me is these 2 valid ids and for assurances i brings my sss number along my TIN number as well because i heard that some union bank(its depend on the certain bank protocol) they might ask these numbers for your application, and as i applying, they just asked me to xerox out my 2 valid ids then fill up the form which you’ll need to write down your basic information then, after that the teller told me that i need to call them after a week and ask them if the card was already for pick up then and payment was made as you get your card as long the partial deposit which can be use to link the card on your paypal account, so now i need to wait 3 days more before i can get my card and as i got it and linked the card already ill definitely blog about it so that you may know on what should you do on how you can linking out your card as  you consider the same card that i was getting off now.. ok thats it for now and do checkout the update as i got my card then.thanks a lot

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