To stay in Paris:

Visiting France and not stepping into Paris unbelievable and so is the choice of hotels that you might want to stay in this city of art, culture, learning, poets, music and science and literature etc. People visit France for many reasons which can be for tour or for recreation or for serious business and professional tours. Some might visit France for conferences as well since the city is well known for its universities and centres for learning. One important aspect that Paris is welcoming you again and again is for the varieties of food and for the cheeses that are well liked and consumed throughout the world.

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The best of the best:

 The hotels in Paris are the widely studies aspect of the country as they are well known for their hospitality and the sincere service that they render towards the visitors from all across the globe. The hotel of discussion here are the hotel les jardins du Luxembourg and the hotel relais saint sulpice. The hotel is well known for their four star certification and is the most wanted list during the seasons.

The history:

The hotel has a long history and it is built in the 18th century as a private house of one Mr. Francisque gay and now has been converted into a four star hotel that welcomes visitors all across the world. The building has stood as a fortress against the Nazis during the Second World War. This is now a four star hotel welcoming peace loving visitors from all over the globe.

The building:

The hotel is a three storey building with an elevator which was later added in the modern times. The hotel lobby is one to look for and the decor and decorations stand in memory for long. The artifices and art and antique pieces that were collected from all over the world are in display here. The gardens in the form of garden in Japan, the African stone carved frame for the fire place are all antique pieces which are breath takingly beautiful. The building has 26 rooms and accommodates visitors all through Europe and abroad.


The rooms can be booked in advance as there may not be many rooms during the seasonal times of tourists. Apart from the individual rooms the hotel also has a conference or a meeting room. Though the hotel help desk and reception are open all through the year, one must not take chance as far as the booking is concerned as this is the most sought after hotel in Paris.

If your purpose in France is that of literary nature, stay at this hotel is the wisest decision as there are many publishing houses and libraries located nearby or one can say it is surrounded y the patrons of art and literature. The photographs of the hotel can be viewed on the internet in the website and one can decide what room to stay in while in Paris.

Many architects from around Europe have given their own stamp in the architectural splendour of the hotel and are appreciated even now. If not for a hotel, it would definitely be an art gallery displaying artefacts and statues from all across the world, including Europe, Africa and Japan. It is rather gives it an international feel to accommodate all visitors from abroad.

While planning a trip to France, make sure that you book your room in the hotel les jardins du Luxembourgand  hotel relais saint sulpice and carry home a memorable stay.

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