Givenchy Paradise T-Shirt


The Parisian brand Givenchy had released their very owned Paradise T-shirt that you can see on the top photo. Actaully, Ive seen a lot of these shirt out by the other companies but I think, Givenchy is the most and way different than others by adding their prints over the sleeve than having it simply by on the front of the shirt. Indeed, this definitely quirky and will surely be hip on the fashion industry today. However, the price of this shirt is quite too expensive than the usual prices of the shirt. Its approx. about £375 GBP or $593 USD, seriously? for just one shirt?

I think this shirt is belongs to the brand,Givenchy, Spring Summer collection 2012 for menswear. About the availability, I dont know when and where this shirt will be sell first and such thing. I will update you soon about the further info about this shirt.

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